Home Politics The opposition in the party formed a new party, and the Israeli Prime Minister encountered challenges.
Netanyahu's failure to form a cabinet was returned to the Israeli president

The opposition in the party formed a new party, and the Israeli Prime Minister encountered challenges.

by YCPress

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s party opponent, Gideon Sar, announced on the 8th that a new political party will be formed to challenge Netanyahu in the next parliamentary election.

At present, Netanyahu’s rift with his ruling allies have intensified, and the possibility of Israel holding early parliamentary elections continues to increase. Saar announced a new start, which may make Netanyahu’s rule more difficult.

Seek change

In a statement, Saar said Netanyahu failed in responding to the coronavirus and boosting the economy, and also turned the ruling Likud group into his personal tool for responding to corruption allegations.

Therefore, he cannot continue to play for the Likud group, but will run for the post of prime minister as the leader of a new political party.

Netanyahu was charged with three counts of bribery, fraud and trayal of trust.” The national leadership needs to change,” said Saar. “Today, Israel needs unity and stability. Netanyahu cannot and will not achieve either of the two now.

Saar, 53 years old, once followed Netanyahu. He previously served as Minister of Education and Interior Minister and had some influence in politics. However, the two were drifting away. The Likud group held a chairman election last December. Saar was Netanyahu’s only opponent, but failed to defeat Netanyahu.

At that time, Israel held two consecutive parliamentary elections, and Netanyahu, as the chairman of the Likud group, failed despite gaining the right to form a cabinet. Likud Group focuses on “loyalty” and has only four leaders in more than 70 years of existence. Netanyahu’s continuous failure to form a cabinet has caused dissatisfaction within the party, leaving some room for Saar to challenge.

The “exit” of Saar, Likud Group said, was because his support within the party declined.

pose a threat

Media analysis believes that Saar’s departure will not cause the loss of key members of the Likud Group. His main threat to Netanyahu is that he will divide the votes of the Kud group in the parliamentary elections, which makes it more difficult for Netanyahu to form a cabinet.

Gidion Saar speaks to supporters after the election near Tel Aviv, Israel, on December 27, 2019. Xinhua News Agency/Gini Pictures

“Saar will give right wingers who have had enough of Netanyahu a replacement,” wrote Ben Kaspit, a well-known Israeli political columnist.

At one time, Israel was in a deadlock in the formation of the cabinet, and three parliamentary elections were held from April last year to March this year. This impasse finally ended in Netanyahu’s cabinet formation agreement with Benny Gantz, the leader of the centrist party Blue and White Party.

According to the agreement reached by the two sides in April, Netanyahu first became Prime Minister for 18 months; Gantz became Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, and took over as Prime Minister on November 17, 2021. Netanyahu became Deputy Prime Minister.

However, since the establishment of the coalition government, there has been continuous infighting. Gantz also accused Netanyahu of only caring for his own political interests and putting the response to corruption allegations above the interests of the people.

Netanyahu’s critics point out that Netanyahu is opposed to Gantz on the fiscal year 2021 budget, aiming to promote the collapse of the current government and re-election, and avoid the handover of power in November 2021.

Gantz voted in Parliament last week for a preliminary motion to dissolve the parliament early. Relevant parliamentary procedures are continuing. The Associated Press reported that the parties are making a final effort to avoid a fourth parliamentary election in two years.