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The number of international students going to the United States drops sharply

The number of international students going to the United States drops sharply

by YCPress

November 17th. According to the US “World Journal” report, on November 16, local time, the Institute of International Education (IIE) released the latest report showing that the number of international students enrolling in American universities this fall has decreased by 16%, and they will go to the United States for education. The number of new international students studying in institutions has dropped by 43% compared with last year, which poses challenges to many American universities that rely on international students as an important source of income.

IIE Chairman Gu Deman said that American universities have never experienced such a sharp decline, but fortunately the phenomenon should only be temporary; “We are very sure that when the epidemic is over, there will be a strong rebound in demand.” He said, Traveling back to safety, schools need to deal with a large number of students returning to school.

The report is based on a survey of more than 700 universities and colleges in the United States by the non-profit organization IIE. Among them, nearly 40,000 international students have been postponed due to the epidemic. This gives those who rely heavily on international students for financial income and needs to introduce a diverse perspective to the campus environment The schools present great challenges.

Since the outbreak of CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC in the United States in March this year, universities and educational institutions across the United States have successively closed their schools and changed to remote classes. In the fall semester, more online classes or a mixed network of entities have been adopted, but the overall number of enrollment has declined.

The US Student Information Exchange Center also recently released a report stating that the number of international students and local students enrolled this fall was 1.8% lower than last year.

Most of the international students who were in the United States at the beginning of the outbreak stayed at school or nearby, but those international students who needed to fly to the United States, especially freshmen, faced numerous obstacles. Some chose to postpone enrollment, and some took remote online courses. (Luo Xiaoyuan)