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The new section of the Hungary-Serbia Railway opens to traffic

The new section of the Hungary-Serbia Railway opens to traffic

by YCPress

Staff Report, Rome, November 29 the loud whistle of the train sounded at the Zemon station of the Hungarian-Serbian Railway in Serbia. On the platform, engineers from China and Serbia jointly welcomed the first train into the station. The golden sun and the blue train reflect each other, and the station is full of cheerful atmosphere.

At about 9:00 a.m. local time on November 25, the left line of the Serbian Zemun to Batajinika (hereinafter referred to as the Ze-Ba section) of the Hungarian-Serbian Railway, jointly contracted by China Railway International Company and China Communications Construction Group Co., Ltd., was successfully opened for operation. The Ze-Ba section, which is 10.62 kilometers long, is the second section from Belgrade to Old Pazowa, the capital of Serbia. With the opening of various lines, the travel time between Belgrade and the suburbs has been greatly shortened, providing many conveniences for people’s lives. Project Department staff Dold said.

Since the beginning of this year, the personnel of China and Serbia have overcome difficulties such as the epidemic and made every effort to ensure the construction progress of the project. On October 21, the left line from Belgrade to Zemun was opened. With the opening of the Ze-Ba section, the left line of the low-speed section of the Hungarian-Serbahn under construction was successfully opened to traffic. Next, the Chinese railway project team will turn to high-speed section construction.

With a total length of 350 kilometers, the Hungarian-Sersey Railway is a key project for China and Central and Eastern European countries to jointly build the Belt and Road Initiative. The two sections of the road have been opened to traffic, bringing exciting good news to Serbia. Ivona Radvac, director of the Belt and Road Regional Research Center of the Serbian International Institute of Political and Economic Research, said that the Hungarian-Serbian Railway has greatly brought Serbia closer to the rest of Europe and helped Serbia build a regional transportation and logistics hub.