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French President Macron has been released from quarantine and has now gone to Breganssonburg.

The Muslim countries boycott French goods Macron tweeted in response: Never give in

by YCPress

Overseas Network, October 26th. On the 25th local time, French President Macron said that although the Islamic society expressed dissatisfaction with his remarks at the funeral of the murdered teacher, there was a wave of boycotts of French products in many Middle Eastern countries and regions. “Never give in or accept any hate speech.”

According to a report by the French Le Monde on the 25th, Macron tweeted in French, English and Arabic on the same day, “We will never give in or accept any hate speech. We resolutely safeguard rational debate and always stand in the dignity of human beings. One side of universal values”.

Libyan people express their dissatisfaction with France on the street (AFP)

The cause of the incident was Macron’s recent remarks during the funeral of the murdered teacher Samuel Patty. He promised not to ban Mohammed’s cartoons and will work hard to defend freedom of speech. His remarks caused dissatisfaction among some Islamic countries. Turkish President Erdogan said in a televised speech that Macron “needs a mental examination.” Countries such as Iran and Jordan also condemned France for continuing to publish related cartoons. “The remarks of some French officials may damage relations between France and Muslims” expressed regret.

French products were boycotted by people in the Middle East (AFP)

Many countries and regions in the Middle East have also seen a wave of boycotting French products. In Qatar, many supermarket chains announced the removal of French products, and the University of Qatar announced via Twitter that it would postpone the French Culture Week; in Kuwait, about 60 cooperatives announced a boycott of French products, including cheese, cream and cosmetics. In addition, about 430 Kuwaiti travel agencies have suspended flight bookings to France; in Jordan, the opposition “Islamic Action Front” called on citizens to boycott French goods