Home World The media claimed that Sweden “was awakened”, and ultimately had to copy China’s “work” against the pandemic
The media claimed that Sweden "was awakened", and ultimately had to copy China's "work" against the pandemic

The media claimed that Sweden “was awakened”, and ultimately had to copy China’s “work” against the pandemic

by YCPress

According to a report by Observer.com on December 19, Sweden, which has always been “anti-pandemic” in Buddhism, finally “woke up” under the impact of the country’s second wave of pandemic. The day before, Swedish Prime Minister Levin announced a number of new measures for pandemic prevention and anti-pandemic measures, including wearing masks, banning groups of more than 4 people, and restricting flow in crowded places such as shops and gyms.

When the Coronavirus pandemic began to break out in Europe, Sweden and the United Kingdom adopted herd immunity measures almost at the same time, but the United Kingdom’s adjustment threshold was relatively high. When these countries implemented herd immunity, Fang Zhouzi, Yu Xiaohua and other domestic “bricks” immediately climaxed, bragging about this anti-pandemic myth, making the domestic people who are struggling to fight the pandemic look confused. X: This is not self-reliance Self-destruct?

The myth of herd immunity is not only known in China. When this plan was first implemented, the Swedish media spoke highly of it and compared it with the personality of Pippi, the protagonist of the country’s children’s literature “Pippi Longstocking,” and praised Sweden for showing “Pippi” in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic Personality”: stubborn, bold, independent, powerful and fearless.

Under the joint packaging of these people both at home and abroad, the “bare rush” facing the Coronavirus is deified into a democratic and free myth. It’s a pity that the virus doesn’t understand the customs, so no matter if you use “Longying Taiwanese Wenqing” or “Foreign Wenqing”, you just leave me alone and stay cool. According to Coronavirus pandemic data released by the Swedish Public Health Agency on the 18th, there were 10,335 newly confirmed cases in the country in the past 24 hours, a total of 367,120 confirmed cases, and a total of 8,011 deaths.

You know, Sweden has only 10 million people in its 450,000 square kilometers of territory. The vast land is sparsely populated and it has unique conditions for fighting the pandemic. But such a country, due to its extremely irresponsible anti-pandemic measures, ultimately turned its own life into a joke. Even the King of Sweden has rarely spoken out, saying that the country’s relatively loose anti-pandemic method “failed.”

But we still want to ask: Your Royal Highness, do you confirm that Sweden’s anti-pandemic approach is only loose? From the moment it decided to implement the herd immunization program, Sweden has taken a wrong path that is extremely irresponsible to life, which is no different from murder to some extent. In their own words, the elimination of herd immunity is only the old, the weak, the sick and the disabled. It is chilling to hear this.

Sweden’s anti-pandemic approach must not be measured by lenient, but crime. In order to prevent the economy from shutting down, these countries that have formulated herd immunization programs would rather sacrifice the lives of a large number of vulnerable groups. But what they didn’t expect was that the Coronavirus is so lethal, and British Prime Minister Johnson also understood this after he escaped from the dead.

Western countries such as Sweden and the United Kingdom are all developed countries. Regardless of their economic strength, medical technology, and geographic environment, they have more reasons than China to win the fight against the pandemic. 

They can completely follow the recommendations of the WHO and use scientific pandemic prevention measures to show the world a higher standard of humanity, but what they show us is another face. I really don’t know what qualifications they have to show their civilization to China and other countries in the world, and often take up human rights sticks and beat other countries.

We have seen that herd immunity has not saved the Swedish economy from the virus. On the contrary, it has been rubbing Sweden on the ground and teaching them how to behave. According to the Riksbank’s conservative forecast, the country’s GDP will fall between 7% and 10% this year, and the unemployment rate will rise between 9% and 10.4%. The impact of the pandemic is still far away.

Fighting against Coronavirus pandemic in 2020 is tantamount to a world war in which no gunpowder can be seen. After this war is over, we really need to hold accountable countries and politicians who are irresponsible!