Home Business The laying of Nord Stream 2 Pipeline natural gas project in Danish waters has been launched.
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The laying of Nord Stream 2 Pipeline natural gas project in Danish waters has been launched.

by YCPress

February 7th, local time, Danish TV2 reported that the “Nord Stream 2” project began laying natural gas pipelines in Bornholm, Denmark.

The contractor of the project, Russia’s Nord Stream 2 Co., Ltd., said that the pipeline ship Lucky began to prepare for the resumption of the Nord Stream 2 project on January 24, completed the seabed operation test, and began to lay pipelines in Danish waters on the 6th.

On the 19th of last month, the government led by then U.S. President Donald Trump sanctioned the Lucky and its affiliated Russian companies in an attempt to force the suspension of the Nord Stream 2 project.

In December 2019, the United States issued sanctions against the participating enterprises of the “Nord Stream 2” project on the grounds of threatening European energy security.

One of the builders, Swiss All Ocean Company, immediately suspended the laying work.

The project was suspended for a time and resumed work in December 2020. Nord Stream 2 Co., Ltd. replaced the All Ocean Co., Ltd. with the “Lucky” paving ship.

The new administration led by U.S. President Biden also intends to block the Nord Stream 2 project.

Secretary of State Blincoln said last month that Biden would instruct the government to persuade U.S. allies such as Germany to stop advancing the project by all means.

The “Nord Stream 2” natural gas pipeline project is a pipeline for Russia to export natural gas to Germany through the Baltic Sea. It is jointly built by European enterprises such as Russia and Germany.

More than 90% of pipelines have been laid, and about 150 kilometers are to be laid, of which 120 kilometers are in Danish waters and 30 kilometers are in German water. domain, when put into use, will double the amount of natural gas exported by Russia to Germany.