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Large-scale protest demonstrations in Yangon, Myanmar, enter the third day.

The latest scene! Directly hit Myanmar in a state of emergency

by YCPress

Yangon, February 1 Miao Nu, spokesman for Myanmar’s ruling party, the National League for Democracy (NLD), said on February 1 that Myanmar’s President Wen Min, State Senior Government Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and some senior NLD officials were detained by the military in the early morning of the same day.

Myanmar military television later released information that the presidential palace declared a one-year state of emergency under constitutional provisions.

The presidential palace has announced the transfer of state power to the commander-in-chief of the National Defense Force, Min Aunglai.

This is the military-controlled Yangon Municipal Building, which was filmed on February 1. Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Henman)

On the same day, the Myanmar military issued a television statement saying that after the end of the national emergency, Myanmar will resume general elections and state power will be transferred to the newly elected political parties.

The military stated that during the implementation of the national emergency, the Federal Election Commission will be reformed and the general election process last November will be re-verified, while continuing to take measures to deal with the coronavirus epidemic and promote economic recovery.

This is the entrance of the Naypyidaw Municipal Hotel in Myanmar, which was filmed on February 1. Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Wu Shuo)

The Myanmar Banking Association issued a statement on the same day that all banks in Myanmar will temporarily suspend business.

In addition, Xinhua News Agency reporters learned that Myanmar Civil Aviation Authority has notified the headquarters of airlines that Yangon International Airport will be closed until the end of April.

It is also reported that the military has controlled the government and parliament in many parts of Myanmar.

The municipal building in Yangon, Myanmar’s largest city, has been controlled by the military.

Yangon saw that the streets were relatively calm, and some local people were discussing the seizure incident.

This is the street of Yangon, Myanmar, photographed on February 1. Photo by Zhang Dongqiang, reporter of Xinhua News Agency

Last November, Myanmar held federal parliamentary elections, and the NLD won more than half of the seats in the federal parliament and continued to govern.

Recently, the Myanmar military and NLD have disagreed over the election results.

Military television said that the military believed that there was fraud in the general election, asked the Election Commission to investigate, and postponed the convening of a new federal parliament, but it was rejected.

The first meeting of the Loksya Jirga (the lower house) of Myanmar’s new Federal Parliament was originally scheduled to be held on February 1 this year.