Home Politics The Japanese Self-Defense Force exposed this, and the nightmare is coming again?
The Japanese Self-Defense Force exposed this, and the nightmare is coming again?

The Japanese Self-Defense Force exposed this, and the nightmare is coming again?

by YCPress

Japanese media revealed yesterday that a retired senior commander of the special operations unit organized the training of active self-defense officers every year without permission.

This person has repeatedly publicly expressed his belief in the idea of Yukio Mishima and was “instified by the spirit of Mishima”. He also said that there must be a war with the opposition forces.

More than 50 years ago, November 25, 1970 was a powerful and nightmare day for the Japanese Self-Defense Forces and even Japanese society.

On the same day, Yukio Mishima, a well-known Japanese writer, led four members of his militia organization “The Meeting” to the director of the Eastern Department of Japan.

During the meeting, they suddenly kidnapped the Director-General of the Eastern Department. Subsequently, Mishima stood on the balcony and delivered a coup speech, publicly demanding an amendment to the Japanese Constitution.

In the end, the inciting failed, and Mishima and a member committed suicide in a traditional way.

The army, especially the special forces, is already a hotbed of extreme ideas.

In recent years, German and Australian special forces have been exposed to internal extremist ideas. Will Japan be the next?

Japan’s Kyodo News Agency quoted people familiar with the matter on January 23 as saying that a former senior commander of the Japanese Army’s Land Special Forces has organized active self-defense officers to conduct combat training every year in recent years.

Kyodo News Agency said that the self-defense force intelligence preservation team, which is responsible for preventing the disclosure of secrets, has known the relevant situation and is investigating.

This person’s name is Araya Zhuo. Before retiring, he was the group leader of Lu Zi’s “Special Operations Group” with the rank of first-class Lu Zuo.

Special Operations Group is the only special operations unit from the mainland, which was formed in 2004.

Araya was the first commander and retired in 2008.

In September 2020, the 61-year-old Taku Aridani participated in the internal seminar (International Symbiotic Creation Association Photo)

In November 2018, he opened an institution in the mountainous areas of Kumano City, Mie Prefecture for combat training and Japanese martial arts training.

Since then, he has convened personnel to organize combat training known as “self-defense officer accommodation” in December 2018, April 2019 and December 2020, respectively.

The trainers include both active self-defense officers and reserve self-defense officers.

The event, December 26-30, 2020, was attended by more than a dozen people.

Perhaps to avoid people’s eyes and ears, they put on camouflage clothes and took multiple cars from the facility to the training woods at dusk.

Kyodo News Agency went to the scene, but failed to film the actual training scene.

Participants in training in Kumano Mountains in December 2020 (Konhap Photo)

Participants in training in Kumano Mountains in December 2020 (Konhap Photo)

On the agency’s website, Araya once introduced the convening of “truly patriotic self-defense officers” and “actual combat training that cannot be carried out within the Self-Defense Forces”.

The training content includes “team building”, “laborating a combat plan”, “implementing combat operations” and so on.

According to Kyodo News Agency, it is the first time that self-defense officers have received external combat training in public. Within the Ministry of Defense, this move has been criticized as a violation of the Self-Defense Forces Act.

An anonymous Defense Ministry official believes: “Araya has a charismatic leader. His relationship with self-defense officers participating in training is similar to that between the Three Islands and the Association.”

Araya has repeatedly expressed his belief in the Three Islands Thought in magazine interviews and other occasions, “being reformed by the spirit of the Three Islands”.

Arata’s personal profile on the agency website

Araya introduced his book “Japanese Justice and Samurai Do for Soldiers” on his personal blog last September.

He wrote that he envisioned the establishment of a “people’s samurai village” 20 years ago, bringing together “comrades determined to live as Japanese” and “real Japanese who completely ignored the post-war constitution”.

“Of course, the forces that undermine Japanese history, culture and tradition will not tolerate us, and will do all means…

At that time, there will be a war.”

In addition, they also held a constitution drafting seminar to call for resistance to global capitalism.

All parts of Japan should establish a community, “unite around His Majesty the emperor” and build a new order to preserve Japan.

Previously, the German KSK special operations force was severely rectified by Germany last year because of its serious erosion of extreme right-wing extremist ideas. The second company under its jurisdiction was abolished as a whole.

Australian special forces, deeply involved in the indiscriminate killing of civilians, have also been found by the national media to fly the Nazi flag in the front of the car.

For most foreign troops, the front-line troops do not have special personnel to focus on the ideological construction of soldiers on a daily basis, and can only rely on superior military supervisors, civilian governments or media public supervision.

Due to the closure and confidentiality of special forces, things are likely to develop to the root of the situation, like Germany.

Fortunately, the leader of Japan this time is retired officers.

Judging from the current reports, it is not yet possible to judge how much practical the behavior of Arata has on the active self-defense forces as a whole, but this is indeed a dangerous signal.

More than a decade ago, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces experienced a similar incident.

In 2008, Toshio Tama, then Chief of Staff of Aviation, published a paper “Is Japan an invasive country?”, which was awarded the first prize by the relevant foundation of the APA Group. The article negation that the Sino-Japanese War is a war of aggression and the denial of the Tokyo trial is contrary to the official position of the Japanese government such as the Murayama Talk.

On the afternoon of the same day after winning the award, Tian Mushen specially distributed circulating papers to colleagues of the Ministry of Defense.

After reading it, the Undersecretary of Defense Affairs, Yoshihei Masuda (the highest civil servant of the Ministry of Defense) and the Minister of Defense, Zhongjiang, the Minister of Defense, immediately felt that “the big thing was not good” and immediately reported it to the Minister of Defense.

In the evening, Defense Minister Yasuichi Hamada asked Tianmu to resign on his own, but was refused. At night, the Japanese cabinet held an emergency itinerant cabinet meeting.

At 10 p.m., a resolution was passed to order the replacement of the goddess Tian.

In less than 12 hours, Japan’s empty top was dismissed for extreme remarks that negate history.