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The Japanese government plans to distribute subsidies to medical personnel assisting the Olympic Games.

by YCPress

Kyodo News Agency on December 29 said that the Japanese government and the Olympic Organizing Committee basically decided to issue subsidies to doctors and nurses operating in Olympic villages and competition venues, and to distribute cooperation funds to medical institutions of the dispatching parties regarding the response to the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The original plan requested pro bono assistance in principle, but in view of the spread of the epidemic, the course was changed to obtain the burden of the medical front and the understanding of public opinion, believing that fiscal measures were indispensable. Several Olympic people revealed the above information on the 28th.

The agreement reached by the central government of Japan, Tokyo Metropolis and the Organizing Committee on the 4th on Olympic funding included a budget of 96 billion yen (about 1 billion USD) in the coronavirus response fee.

It is planned to improve the testing system and provide cooperation funds and subsidies within the framework of 16 billion yen borne by the central government.

According to the pre-coronavirus plan, it is estimated that more than 10,000 medical workers are needed in the infirmary for athletes and spectators in the Olympic Village and competition venues.

Previously, it was expected that most of them would participate in the form of remuneration paid by volunteers or dispatchers, except for some of the venue leaders.

As a response to the novel coronavirus, the number of personnel required to improve the testing and sampling center and fever clinic in the Olympic Village may increase significantly. How to ensure medical workers will be a difficult problem for the Olympic Games.

The Japanese government and the Olympic Organizing Committee have begun to explore specific support measures such as payment amount and payment method.

It is expected that while paying attention to the epidemic, they will request the assistance of the medical association and other relevant groups such as the nursing association.

Government officials said, “Given the current situation of the front line of medical care, it is difficult to require volunteers to work. We have no intention of even sacrificing the conventional health care system to host the Olympics.”