Home Politics The Italian President authorized the economist Draghi to form a new government.
Italy's Five Star Movement Party voted for Draghi. The establishment of a new government is in sight.

The Italian President authorized the economist Draghi to form a new government.

by YCPress

After Conte resigned as Prime Minister, the attempts by political forces to form a parliamentary majority government failed.

The Italian presidential palace announced on the 3rd that President Matarella had authorized economist and former European Central Bank president Mario Draghi to form a new Italian government.

At noon on the 3rd, Mario Draghi went to the Italian presidential palace to hold talks with President Matarella. After the meeting, Mario Draghi announced to the media that he had accepted the appointment and thanked the president for trusting him.

He believes that Italy is now facing a difficult time, and the COVID-19 epidemic has caused people’s lives, economic and social losses; however, he is confident that all forces will unite.

Italian Prime Minister-designate Mario Draghi: The current emergency needs an effective response. In view of this expectation, I have responded positively to the appointment of the president.

Winning the victory of the epidemic, completing vaccination, dealing with problems in people’s lives, and getting Italy back to life are our challenges.

Deng Zongyu, reporter of the General Station: According to the general analysis of local public opinion, if Draghi successfully forms a technical government, his previous background will help the implementation of EU Recovery Fund and other plans in Italy, and then push Italy out of the economic and social disadvantages caused by the epidemic.

However, the main parties in the country still need to reach agreement on a technical government.

The cabinet list submitted by Mario Draghi also needs to be endorsed by the President of Italy, after which the new government will pass a vote of confidence in Parliament before it can officially perform its duties.

At present, the Conte government is still temporarily in charge of daily affairs.

Mario Draghi is an Italian economist and banker who served as the president of the European Central Bank from 2011 to 2019.

On January 13 this year, dissatisfied with Conte’s ruling performance, the Italian Vitality Party led by former Italian Prime Minister Renzi withdrew from the ruling coalition, which lost its majority in the Senate of Parliament.

In order to avoid a disadvantageous situation in the Senate, Conte submitted his resignation to the President on January 26.