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Is another "pandemic storm" coming? WHO issued a warning!

The information released by the Wuhan press conference disappointed the “conspiracy theorists”

by YCPress

February 9th, at the press conference of the China-World Health Organization Joint Expert Group on Coronavirus Traceability Research held in Wuhan, Peter Ben Ambarek, the leader of the foreign side, said that the statement about laboratory leaks is “extremely impossible” and future virus traceability will not be recommended in this direction.

This conclusion once again corrects the name of Wuhan Institute of Virology, which has been wronged for a long time. Those American and Western politicians and the media who fabricate the above conspiracy theories will be disappointed.

Also clarified is the so-called slander of China blocking the traceability investigation of the virus.

In the past ten days, WHO and members of the Chinese joint expert group have jointly studied a large number of pandemic-related data, inspected nine units, including Jinyintan Hospital, South China Seafood Market, Wuhan Institute of Virology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and on-site, together with medical personnel, laboratory personnel, scientific researchers, market managers, merchants and communities.

District workers, recovered patients, families of sacrificial medical personnel, residents, etc. had extensive exchanges.

As Dr. Peter Dazak, a member of the WHO expert group, said in an interview with Bloomberg earlier, they sat down with Chinese experts every day to browse information and new data.

Foreign experts put forward the places they wanted to go and made a list. Dr. Dazak said, “We suggest where to go and who to meet. We went to every place on the list, and they (the Chinese expert group) were happy to take us there.

It can be seen that in terms of the global traceability of the novel coronavirus, China has always been open and transparent, and actively supports WHO in carrying out relevant work, reflecting the responsibility of a responsible power.

The so-called argument of obstructing the traceability of the virus is completely nonsense.

In fact, these noises should not have appeared, because the traceability of the virus is a purely scientific problem, irrelevant to politics, and even less a “game of accusations”.

The purpose of this investigation is to find out the truth and prevent future pandemics.

Judging from the preliminary results of the traceability study published by the joint expert group, in addition to believing that the novel coronavirus is “preparably likely” to be introduced to the population through intermediate hosts, it also supports the possibility of direct transmission or introduction of people through cold chain food.

This provides more support for the need for COVID-19 to be traced globally.

At present, there are more and more reports in the international media that the novel coronavirus has appeared in many places around the world in the second half of 2019. Global traceability is obviously a necessary response to these problems.

As Liang Wannian, the leader of the Chinese team, said, this joint research belongs to the Chinese part of the global traceability research of SARS and COVID-19. The research based on the research base of past scientists around the world and China will lay the foundation for the traceability of viruses in other countries and regions.

For the world, by observing the joint expert group’s trip to China, it should be able to have a deeper understanding of the transparency of China’s pandemic prevention and control.

From timely information to the WHO and the international community at the beginning of the outbreak, to actively promoting global anti-pandemic cooperation, continuously sending masks and other pandemic prevention materials resources to all parts of the world, to sending medical experts to many countries in times of critical situations, insisting that vaccines should become global public goods, a series of real Chinese actions , reflecting what moral responsibility is and what is common destiny.

Let science return to science, let professionals do professional things – this is the attitude of mankind should have to fight the pandemic. The current evidence has shown that it is necessary and urgent to carry out the global traceability of COVID-19.

We look forward to all parties concerned working with China in adopting an active and cooperative attitude on the issue of traceability, and inviting WHO to carry out traceability research to contribute to the future human beings to reduce the risk of pandemics.

As WHO Director-General Tedros called for in his New Year’s speech, the new year should be learned from the world and work together to fight the pandemic.

“There is light at the end of the tunnel. As long as we walk hand in hand, we will win.”