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The incidence rate in Germany has hit a new high. Many places in Bavaria implement a "lockdown"

The incidence rate in Germany has hit a new high. Many places in Bavaria implement a “lockdown”

by YCPress

Berlin, November 19 2021 The coronavirus incidence index released by the German disease control agency on the 19th reached 340.7, which has set a new record since the outbreak of the epidemic in the country for the twelfth consecutive day. On the same day, Bavaria, which is particularly serious, announced that it would impose a “lockdown” on more than 1000 counties with a morbidity index of more than 1000.

The number of new confirmed cases and 201 deaths announced by the German disease control agency Robert Koch Institute on the same day were 52970 and 201 respectively, with a total of 5248291 confirmed cases and 98739 deaths as of that day. Among them, the “average cumulative number of new confirmed cases per 10 million people in seven days” (incidence index) used by the country’s official monitoring the severity of the epidemic rose to 340.7 on the same day. 78 new patients were in need of ICU intensive care, bringing the total number to 3509. As of that day, Germany had been vaccinated with a total of 1.16 billion doses of coronavirus vaccine, and a total of 5640 million people had been fully vaccinated, accounting for about 67.9% of the country’s total population.

Bavaria is one of the worst affected states in Germany. On the same day, Governor Zede announced a series of measures aimed at upgrading the state’s epidemic prevention efforts, including suspending traditional Christmas markets that were originally about to open, closing bars, clubs and other places, and requiring the catering industry to close early in the evening. For counties with a coronavirus incidence index of more than 1000, the state will require them to implement “lockdown” measures, which means that local public life will be once again limited to the minimum.

As of that day, the incidence index of at least 8 counties in the state, including Rotal-In County, had exceeded 1000, and three counties, including Arttin, had approached 1000. Rotal-In County, the highest index, has reached 1423.6, more than 4 times the German average. The index of Becht Sgadenland County, where the famous scenic spot King Lake is located, also reached 11120.1.

Since Austria, the main neighbor of the German-speaking region, has announced the implementation of a nationwide “lockdown” measure on the same day, whether Germany will follow up with the epidemic is also aroused concern. According to the German Daily Mirror, German Health Minister Schpan said at a press conference in Berlin on the same day that it is necessary for Germany to impose additional social restrictions, such as targeted “lockdown” of unvaccinated people. In response to whether Germany will choose to implement a national “lockdown” again like Austria, he said, “Our current situation can no longer rule out any possible options.”