Home Science The “Hope” Mars team of the United Arab Emirates wishes China’s Tianwen-1 mission a success.
The Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates congratulated China on the entry of China's Tianwen-1 probe into orbit around Mars.

The “Hope” Mars team of the United Arab Emirates wishes China’s Tianwen-1 mission a success.

by YCPress

The launch time of the UAE “Hope” of the United Arab Emirates, which successfully reached Mars orbit on February 9th, is only three days away from the launch time of China’s Tianwen-1, and it is also a “front and back foot” to reach Mars.

In an interview with the main station reporter, scientists from the UAE Mars mission team wish China’s Tianwen-1 mission a smooth, and look forward to taking a further step with China’s spaceflight. Cooperation.

Salem al marri, deputy director-general of science and technology at the Benrahid Space Center in the United Arab Emirates, said: “We hope everything goes well with you. We are also paying attention to you.

I think what China has done is historic. The tasks include landers, orbiters, cruisers (fires). Starcar) is very special for us. We hope to see the success of the “Hope” and China’s (Tianwen 1) projects. It is a very good thing for the two projects to cooperate for a win-win situation.

Salem Marry said the UAE looks forward to more cooperation with China in the space field. In fact, we have talked with China about multi-level cooperation.

Our next plan is to explore the moon. We have seen that China has successfully sent the cruiser (lunar rover) to the moon and has been very successful in the far end of the moon.

This is the first time in history that we plan to send the cruiser (lunar rover) to the moon in a few years. On the near end of course, we focus on China’s experience, and we look forward to working with China in many areas.”