Home Politics The governor of Texas promised to restore power supply as soon as possible.
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The governor of Texas promised to restore power supply as soon as possible.

by YCPress

Houston, February 15 Texas Governor Greg Abbott said on the 15th that the power department is stepping up repairs and doing its best to restore power supply as soon as possible.

“Many power plants using coal, natural gas or wind power across Texas are not functioning properly due to extreme weather and freezing temperatures,” Abbott said in a statement.

Affected by the polar cold current, parts of Texas began to encounter snow, ice, freezing rain, etc. on the night of the 14th, causing road surfaces to freeze, roads to be blocked and widespread power outages.

According to the website monitoring the national power supply, nearly 2.5 million users across Texas were out of power on the morning of the 15th.

The Texas Electricity Reliability Commission announced on the 15th that the state had entered a “power emergency three-level alert”, and the regions took turns to pull the gates and limit electricity.

Abbott posted on social media on the afternoon of the 15th that some users in Texas were recovering power supply.

In addition to stepping up the emergency repair of the power grid, he said that Texas has sent as many people as possible to help local governments clear frozen roads and assist those in need to go to 135 cold centers across the state.

Houston could have seen its February low temperature in 122 years early on the 16th, according to the “Winter Storm Warning” issued by the National Weather Service.

In addition, Texas will have a winter storm in the 17th, and the cold weather and road freezing will last for several days.