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After good news of Coronavirus vaccine was announced in United States . something strange appeared

The German-American Covid-19 vaccine research and development project has made progress

by YCPress

November 10th. Berlin correspondent and Washington correspondent: New Biotech and Pfizer Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. issued a joint statement on the 9th that the interim analysis data of the phase 3 clinical trial showed , A new crown vaccine candidate developed by the two companies is more than 90% effective.

However, some health experts said that although there is good news in the development of this vaccine, many obstacles need to be overcome before it can be vaccinated. After all, the latest published research results are only preliminary research results, not complete clinical data after peer review.

The two companies stated in the statement that they have developed an mRNA (messenger ribonucleic acid) vaccine. An independent data monitoring committee conducted the first interim effectiveness analysis of the vaccine’s phase 3 clinical trial on the 8th. The results showed that Seven days after the second dose of the vaccine, the vaccine is more than 90% effective in preventing new coronavirus infections.

The statement also said that the Data Monitoring Committee did not report any serious safety issues regarding this vaccine, and recommended that more data on its safety and effectiveness continue to be collected as planned.

The Phase 3 clinical trial of this vaccine was launched on July 27 this year, and 43538 subjects have been recruited globally so far. As of November 8, 38,955 people had received the second dose of vaccine. The two companies said they are continuing to collect safety data for the vaccine and are expected to submit an emergency use authorization application to the US Food and Drug Administration in the third week of November.

In addition to health experts, some politicians also welcomed and cautious about the latest developments in this vaccine. German Health Minister Jens Span said on the 9th that the progress made by the two German and American companies in the development of the new crown vaccine is “very encouraging”, “but it does not mean that it will be approved tomorrow.” British Prime Minister Johnson said on the same day that the United Kingdom has ordered this vaccine, but its effectiveness has yet to be verified. “We have not seen complete data on safety, and relevant results need to be peer reviewed.”