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The future of Inter is still unknown after "copying" the miracle of winning the title 14 years ago

The future of Inter is still unknown after “copying” the miracle of winning the title 14 years ago

by YCPress

Ten years, 11 months and 16 days, Inter have waited too long for this champion.

More than a month ago, Inter’s title might seem like a matter of time, but when the moment really came, it ignited Milan city in an instant.

In the early hours of May 3rd, Beijing time, more than 30,000 fans took to the streets of Milan, where revelers crowded the square in front of Milan’s cathedral; Chairman Zhang Kangyang first ascended the rooftops of Inter’s headquarters, waving Inter’s flag with joy; and even old rivals Juventus and Icardi, who had previously been unhappy, congratulated him.

Today’s Inter are writing a special championship story.

More than 30,000 fans took to the streets of Milan to celebrate Inter’s victory.

“It reminds me of the 2007 title.”

Ten years, 11 months and 16 days, Inter have waited too long for the title, the last time they won the cup was as far back as 2010, when Mourinho led a powerful blue-black team to the Triple Crown, the pinnacle of the Moratti era, but also a long wait to begin, after which Serie A experienced AC Milan’s brief glory and Juventus’ nine-year reign, during which Time Inter’s owners switched from Moratti to Sunin.

At the beginning of Suning’s reign, no one knew what an “outsider” could bring to the historic club, nor did anyone believe that a 27-year-old chairman, Zhang Kangyang, could one day dominate Serie A like Moratti, whose shaking champagne is by far the best bet.

“It reminds me of 2007.” Moratti meant that this year’s Inter even surpassed 2010 in terms of league dominance alone, when Mourinho led his team to a final-round victory over Roma, and now Inter’s four-round win is comparable to the five-round win in 2007, although the old chairman may also want to remind everyone that Inter, who have the Champions League, are unique.

In any case, the Chinese-owned European giants have finally handed over a satisfactory answer, recalling the frenzied arrival of Chinese capital in European football a few years ago, and now the only one that can stand on top of the league, given Inter’s turbulent season, this title is even more invaluable.

Moratti believes coach Antonio Conte is a key player in keeping the tide.

In fact, after 2021, the news of Inter’s imminent sale was once very popular, because the owner Suning Group suffered from the economic crisis, the sale of assets became a last resort, according to the Italian media, when Inter even defaulted on player salaries for several months, but it is under such pressure, Inter still burst out of amazing fighting power, from backward to anti-super to widen the distance with the chaser.

Moratti believes that coach Conte is a key role in pulling the strings, saying that the personality of the manager is half angel half is the devil, Conti joined Inter and the owner has not always been in the honeymoon period, last summer with Zhang Kangyang’s differences have also been seen in the media But at the most critical moment, Conte showed his loyalty and tenacity, dominating the team to eliminate all off-field distractions and focus on the game, and in the media description, Conte has instilled his iron-blooded spirit again and again on the training ground and in the game. Keep pushing the team forward.

Zhang Kangyang, worthy of recognition of the “behind-the-scenes traders.”

If Conte, who is standing on the sidelines, is always showing his heroism, then Zhang Kangyang is the trader behind the victory who is not easy to see. For now, the young owner’s name has been preceded by a shiny enough prefix – Inter’s youngest and fastest-growing chairman – but the past few months are probably the hardest and most demanding time for him to make a choice since joining Inter.

Rumor has it that Zhang Kangyang and his father, Zhang Near East, are at odds over whether Inter will sell or not, on the one hand, he lobbied his father to dismiss the idea of selling Inter, and on the other hand, he pledged his personal stake in Inter to the bank, through a loan of about 1.5 You could argue that the team’s continued win saw the value of retaining the team, but on the other hand, the 29-year-old, who has only been in office for two years and seven months, has undoubtedly made one of the bravest choices of his life. If he doesn’t win the championship in the end, it won’t be applause and flowers, but a label of sentiment.

Atlanta was forced to play at Inter’s headquarters, Zhang Kangyang first updated his circle of friends, in a dressing room players crazy celebration of the short video, he played a “pray” emoji, and wrote the word “life.”

Zhang Kangyang on Inter is not true love is not really a worth discussing issue, before entering Inter work, he is really not a fan, but “Milan Sports” clearly recorded Zhang Kangyang’s daily life in Italy, “mainly two places, one is the Meacha stadium, one is the headquarters of Inter.” ”

Inter fans must also remember the scene when Inter reached the Champions League again six years later in 2018, when Zhang Kangyang, who walked down the pitch, waved his fists and burst into tears.

What’s a dream? It’s something you’ve always insisted on and felt happy about. At this moment, Zhang Kangyang will certainly be able to taste the meaning of this sentence, after winning the title when he waved the Inter flag in the air on the roof of Inter’s headquarters, downstairs gathered excited fans, they cheered and whistled with the chairman echoed.

It is worth mentioning that, almost at the same time, Zhang Kangyang’s micro-blog is accompanied by different voices and emotions, “return me Jiangsu”, “the next step is not ready to dissolve Inter” … It is clear that many Jiangsu fans are still unhappy with Suning’s previous suspension of operations in the Super Suning club, including some domestic Inter fans in solidarity with Zhang Kangyang.

Inter fans and Suning fans have gone to the extremes of fate.

Next season there is no defending goal, where does Inter go from here?

Jiangsu fans’ reaction is understandable, after all, no team fans would like to see their home team disbanded, but it must be admitted that the club operation is also a business, Suning in Suning club investment is not less than Inter (all about 6 billion yuan), but over the years has been difficult, to a certain extent, the current chinese professional football environment decided that the players are doomed to struggle, on the contrary, Inter, in the same home operation, the past 6 years of good development.

In the 2016-2017 season, suning’s first season in charge, Inter became serie A’s only home team to reach millions of spectators. Inter’s revenues have also been growing at a high rate every year before the outbreak, with Deloitte data showing that Inter’s commercial revenues have outpaced those of league champions Juventus in the 2017-2018 season, while club results for the 2018-2019 season show Inter’s revenues exceeded 400 million yuan, a record high, and in KPMG’s 2019 European Club Value Rankings, Inter milan’s value reached 692 million euros, up 41% from the previous year, making it the most value-added team in European football clubs…

Even if you go back to the previously tumultuous Sale of Inter, when the buyer made an offer of about 800 million euros, it has nearly tripled the value of Inter’s original acquisition. There are plenty of signs that Suning’s Inter are indeed on the right track, and winning the Serie A title 11 years later is the biggest recognition of his years of work.

Of course, in such a brilliant moment, inter club where to go is still a matter of concern, some analysis articles said that with Inter won the title, the value of further rise, will become the best time for Suning cash, but whether this judgment will eventually become a reality will be put on the question mark, the latest news shows that Zhang Kangyang will not sell the team in the short term, “Milan Sports” also quoted Zhang Kangyang’s statement: “will not sell important players this summer, also do not force the team to continue to defend.” ”

Combined with the dynamics of the transfer market, the likes of Rautaro and Romelu Lukaku will be the subject of competition from other European giants.

As things stand, with the title and the Pandemic improving, the commercialization of the club is expected to be good because of the title, Inter will also get a lot of money from the Champions League competition, which is not financially generous Inter is undoubtedly a boost, it seems that Zhang Kangyang has passed the most difficult stage, will get breathing space, but he also has a clear understanding of the team, from next season does not set the goal of winning the title, give the manager a more relaxed coaching environment can be seen.

However, whether Inter can retain the existing main line-up will still be an unknown, integrated transfer market dynamics, Lautaro, Romelu Lukaku and other European giants will be the object of competition, Turin Sports said that the higher-paid Bigall has been put on the clean list, “Inter still need to raise funds, the sale of valuable players is the most direct way to cash out.” ”