Home Business The founder of WSB said: he will not intervene in the surge of game post stations.
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The founder of WSB said: he will not intervene in the surge of game post stations.

by YCPress

The WSB forum has become popular all over the world. Its founder Jaime Rogozinski also gave an interview to CNN on January 28 local time and made his first voice on the matter.

Jaime Rogozinski said, “This happened so fast that many people followed, commented and looked for precedents.

But it was found that this matter was unprecedented, and many people and technologies intervened at the same time, and it has become a conflict between some kind of system.”

“This is obviously an abnormal situation,” said Jaime Rogozinski, “but they are not prepared to deal with it properly at the regulatory level, government level or forum level.” It also said that he would not intervene in the stock price surge of the game station, and he would enjoy the role of bystander.

In addition, Jaime Rogozinski also said that the WSB forum was originally created to “fun”.

It said that traditional financial forums and professional investment bank analysts tend to be too rational and restrained, focusing on net present value, cash flow and price-earnings ratio.

So Jaime Rogozinski decided to create a sub-forum on Reddit to bring like-minded people together to discuss the types of transactions that will make financial advisers shiver. Their motto is “YOLO”, that is, “You Only Live Once”.

In addition, in response to this matter, Chamath Palihapitiya, CEO of Social Capital, said, “Everyone needs to understand that retail investors and institutions are playing fairly.

This is what is happening. Institutional investors in the United States must accept such a The fact is that this is the future direction of the market.