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The first day of emergency lockdown in London: the streets are empty and there are few people.

The first day of emergency lockdown in London: the streets are empty and there are few people.

by YCPress

According to the British Guardian, British Prime Minister Johnson announced on the 19th that the highest level of “level 4” blockade restrictions will be implemented in London and other areas from the morning of the 20th local time to cope with the severe situation of the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus after mutation.

Johnson said in his speech that it is now believed that the new variant of the novel coronavirus may be 70% more infectious than the original strain, adding that it seems to have promoted the rapid spread of infection.

Johnson urged residents to stay away from traveling and “stay local” to prevent the spread of the mutant virus at home and abroad. The new restrictions require people to work from home, avoid overnight stays elsewhere, and do not leave the local area.

People across England are also advised not to travel. At the same time, Christmas activities in the areas subject to level 4 restrictions will be cancelled, and people in level 3 restricted areas will have to change their Christmas plans.

According to a video released by Sky News on the 20th, on the first day of the implementation of the level 4 restrictions in London, the streets were empty, and even in the previously busy Oxford Street, there were few people.

△ London Paddington Railway Station was crowded with passengers on Saturday night (19th), and the railway department said that it was too crowded to maintain safe social distancing.

The British London epidemic prevention measures have been upgraded to level 4 to blockade nearly 300,000 people to flee. The British Health Secretary accused them of being irresponsible.

On the 20th local time, London and some surrounding areas began to upgrade epidemic prevention measures to become a four-level blockade control area. After the news was suddenly announced on the afternoon of the 19th, nearly 300,000 residents quickly “escaped” London by rail, highway and other means.

The London Evening Standard reported that the British Health Secretary condemned those who fled London for being irresponsible. In an interview with Sky News and BBC News on the 20th, Health Secretary Matt Hancock saw the crowded night before London railway stations. Hancock said: “This behavior is irresponsible.

Our government has the responsibility to do a good job in epidemic prevention, and every individual also has a responsibility. I ask everyone to fulfill their responsibilities and only when everyone acts can the epidemic be brought under control.”

△ British Secretary of Health Matt Hancock

The Sun pointed out that many London railway stations were like “warfields” that night. Before midnight, a large number of passengers fled London by train. At London’s St. Panx railway station, there is also a long line of passengers to Paris, which is relatively rare throughout the epidemic this year.

Bull playing the piano: Two worst news came, and many countries in the world are taking urgent action!

Two of the worst news hit in this winter moment.

The first bad news is that London is closed down.

London has a total population of about 9 million, but this time it is not only London, including the southeastern part of the United Kingdom where London is located, involving a population of 16 million.

The total population of the UK is about 66 million, which means that one of the four British people is under lockdown.

Look at the map of the British, the fourth category of areas, that is, the blockaded areas, are particularly popular.

Because in this area, the novel coronavirus is mutating. This variation, codenamed VUI-202012/01, is said to be 70% more transmittable than the original strain.

Even more chilling, only 28% of London’s confirmed cases were infected with the virus last month alone; now, the number has risen by 62%.

“This virus is rampant and spreads faster and will inevitably lead to a surge in the number of patients admitted to hospitals,” Warlance, the UK’s chief scientific adviser.

The British government has to act urgently. Even Christmas, there is nothing we can do this year.

All the original Christmas arrangements have been cancelled. New regulations:

If not necessary, travel is prohibited;

Cancel the original Christmas social bubbles;

Must stay at home and only go out for legitimate reasons such as work and education;

Prohibit people from entering and leaving level 4 blockade areas unless necessary;

It is not allowed to spend the night outside your home;

All non-essential stores, gyms and barbershops are closed;

If you visit, you can only meet outdoors one-on-one;

△Schematic diagram of British epidemic prevention level, the darkest area is the four-level blockade area, mainly London and surrounding cities.

International travel is prohibited except for work reasons;

It is forbidden for people from different families to gather indoors.

If you are right, this should be the largest lockdown being implemented in the world today.

This is still the first bad news, the second bad news, which makes people take a breath.

Look at the top picture, and you should be able to feel it clearly.

With the blockade order, the people of London will flee!

London’s major railway stations are crowded – people rush to the last train leaving London before midnight.

You can imagine how crowded it is at the train stations and trains, and worse, many people are still not wearing masks.

There are very few cases in China, but can you imagine that passengers do not wear masks in Beijing South Railway Station and Shanghai Hongqiao Station?

It has to say that in this world, our quality has limited our imagination. Anyway, things that we can’t think of happen in London often, even if London is now in a lockdown emergency.

Not everyone has the opportunity to escape from London. Those who choose to stay in London find that the subsequent lockdown means that many stores will close.

As a result, many people rushed to buy all kinds of necessities of life and Christmas gifts before midnight.

In many shopping malls and supermarkets, you can see crowded crowds. People queue up to shop, and many people don’t wear masks.

The purpose of the lockdown is to avoid the spread of the virus; but the result of the lockdown in London is a large number of people gathering and even a large flight.

What does that mean for other regions and other countries that have no time to take action?

You should understand.

“Congratulations to the Prime Minister and your think tank, you’ve caused the first ‘London evacuation’ since 1939,” Nigel Farrage, the leader of the Brexit Partysaid on social media.

The last time was World War II 80 years ago, this time it was larger than the last time.

Therefore, the lockdown of a mega-city is not sealed. It requires not only political courage, but also wisdom and strategy. Without efficient organization and command, and without the active cooperation of the people, the lockdown is often the beginning of another disaster.

Again, two worst news, the first super virus variant, the second London escape.

The whole world also sees liver trembles, and many countries have taken urgent action.

Looking at it, the nearest European country to the United Kingdom has taken urgent action from midnight on Sunday, almost cutting off all traffic with Britain.

France, from early Sunday morning, British visitors are banned for 48 hours.

Germany, except freight, will not accept all British flights from early Sunday morning.

Belgium, flight ban and stop train traffic with Britain.

In addition, Ireland issued a 48-hour ban on British flights. The Netherlands banned British flights for the rest of this year. Italy, which has suffered a lot, simply ordered that anyone who has been to Britain for the next 14 days, be banned from entering Italy.

Outside Europe, Israel has also issued emergency orders prohibiting flights from the United Kingdom, Denmark and South Africa from landing, because variants of the virus have been found in these countries.

Iran has issued a similar ban.

Please note that many are urgent decisions, and time is too tight, and more detailed measures will be introduced later. But it can be expected that more and more countries will follow suit. After all, life is at stake. Any slack and relaxation means more life costs.

If you have to travel abroad during this period, you must pay attention to it and be careful. Of course, if you can’t go out, you’d better not go out.

Because worse, the variant is still spreading.

Seeing Maria van Kohoff, technical director of the World Health Emergency Project (WHO), said that except for the United Kingdom, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Australia have all discovered this variant.

“The longer the variant spreads, the more chances of mutations are,” she warns, “So we really need to do everything we can now to prevent transmission.”

Time is very critical. Now we must race against the clock.

Well, I really don’t know what to say.

2020 is finally coming to an end, and a vaccine has been developed, and when many politicians are happy to announce that “the light at the end of the tunnel has been seen”, a new and more terrible variant appears in the UK.

In 2020, we saw too many tragedies. We thought it was coming to an end, but we saw new ones happening.

The nightmare we experienced quickly this Spring Festival took Westerners a whole year to experience slowly, and a new nightmare came again.

Next is Christmas in the West, the worst and most unforgettable Christmas. Well, maybe we’re going to say it again: no winter will not pass, no spring will not come!

Varied COVID-19 appears in the UK, and some areas are upgraded to prevention and control levels.

As Christmas approaches, the spread of the novel coronavirus in parts of the UK has accelerated, and the epidemic is worrying. The UK government is investigating whether the situation is related to a mutant novel coronavirus and has raised the level of COVID-19 prevention and control in the capital London, southeast and eastern England from level 3 to the newly added level 4.

The British government announced the emergence of mutant novel coronavirus on the 14th of this month. Health Secretary Matthew Hancock said on the same day that a mutant novel coronavirus may be related to the accelerated spread of the virus in southeastern England; similar mutant viruses have been found in other countries in the past few months, and the United Kingdom has informed the World Health Organization of the situation.

According to the Public Health Service of England, the mutant virus is named VUI-202012/01. At present, a large number of cases of this mutant virus infection can be observed in some areas of the UK with severe epidemic.

Susan Hopkins, a medical consultant at the Public Health Service of England, was quoted on the website of Sky News on the 20th to report that the mutant virus was mainly found in London and southeastern England, and a small number of findings were also found in other parts of England, as well as in Wales and Scotland. It was first discovered in a patient in September, and experts then carried out whole genome sequencing and analysis of the virus.

Chris Whitty, England’s chief medical officer, said in a statement on the 19th that experts believe that the mutant virus “can spread faster” based on research on the transmission characteristics of the mutant virus and preliminary model analysis of relevant data. At present, experts are continuously analyzing the obtained data to deepen the understanding of mutant viruses.

Whitty said that there is no evidence that the mutant virus may bring higher mortality or affect the efficacy of vaccines and therapeutic drugs, and experts are intensifying research to further confirm this information.

In response to the new situation of the epidemic, the British government decided on the 19th to raise the prevention and control level of London and other parts to the newly added level of fourth level from the 20th, similar to the large-scale “foot ban” measures introduced in England in November this year.

According to the guidelines previously released by the British government, in the three-level alert system of the novel coronavirus epidemic, the first to three levels correspond to the three levels of epidemic alert levels of “medium”, “high” and “very high” and the corresponding prevention and control measures.

Due to the unoptimistic epidemic, the British government decided to add a fourth level.

However, some British experts say that the emergence of mutant viruses is within the expected range. The coronavirus will continue to mutate, and this time the coronavirus mutates, said University of Liverpool professor Julian Hiskox.

The most important thing now is to investigate whether the mutant virus has new characteristics that affect human health, related diagnosis and vaccine efficacy, and “the current prevention and control measures are appropriate”.

According to the data released by the British government on the 20th, 35,928 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in the past 24 hours, with a total of 2040,147 confirmed cases.