Home Politics The European Union announced a ban in principle from entry from Japan.
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The European Union announced a ban in principle from entry from Japan.

by YCPress

Kyodo News Agency of Japan on January 29, the European Union announced on the 28th that due to the spread of the novel coronavirus epidemic in Japan, it will again ban entry from Japan in principle.

Regarding the measures that prohibit unnecessary non-emergency entry into the EU in principle, Japan was removed from the “exceptional countries” list, while six countries, including South Korea, Singapore and Australia, remained on the list.

EU member states have entry and exit control authority, so how to deal with entry from Japan in practice is up to each country’s own discretion, but airlines with Japan-Europe routes may be forced to adjust their flight plans.

Since March last year, the EU has taken measures in principle to prohibit unnecessary and non-emergency entry into the EU’s outsiders.

However, due to the strong demands of the tourism industry, it was decided that 14 countries, including Japan and South Korea, which have stabilized the epidemic, should be listed as exceptions, and will be implemented from July 1.

The list of exceptions has been revised many times since then, and it was updated in December last year to seven countries dominated by the Asia-Pacific region.