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Eight nuns died of the coronavirus in a week in an American monastery, four of whom died the same day.

The European pandemic continues to spread, and the pressure on medical institutions is increasing

by YCPress

The European pandemic continues to spread, and the pressure on medical institutions is increasing

The number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus Pandemic reported in many European countries continued to increase, the pressure on medical institutions continued to increase, and many places continued to implement strict pandemic prevention and control measures.

The cumulative number of confirmed cases in France exceeds 1.78 million

On the 8th local time, France notified 38,619 new confirmed cases in the past 24 hours, with a total of 1,787,324 confirmed cases; 270 new deaths. The data also shows that the current rate of positive tests for the new coronavirus in France is 20.26%.

French Minister of Health Véran pointed out on the 8th that it is too early to make a judgment on the situation of the pandemic, but there are several indicators that the spread of the French pandemic is “slowing down”.

The pressure on medical institutions in many places in France continues to increase. Some regions with severe pandemic have recently had to decide to transfer some patients to other regions or neighboring countries to ease the pressure on hospitals.

Italy Pandemic increases, the number of confirmed cases exceeds 30,000 for five consecutive days

According to data released by the Italian Ministry of Health on the 8th, there were 32,616 new confirmed cases of Coronavirus in a single day in Italy, and more than 30,000 new confirmed cases in a single day for the fifth consecutive day, with a total of 935,104 confirmed cases; 331 new deaths .

Currently, Italy implements hierarchical control across the country according to the level of pandemic risk. Ansa News Agency reported on the 8th that the emergency department of Naples, a major southern city, said that almost all major hospitals in the city are already facing a crisis due to the excessive number of patients admitted to Coronavirus .

Portugal will impose a curfew in the hardest-hit areas

Portuguese Prime Minister Costa announced in the early morning of the 8th local time that a curfew will be imposed in the areas hardest hit by the Coronavirus pandemic from the 9th. Other pandemic prevention measures include: compulsory temperature measurement at the entrances of public places such as shopping malls, service institutions, and subway stations, and the government will send additional personnel to strengthen screening and follow-up tracking of quarantined persons.

According to EU standards, in the past 14 days, cities or regions with 240 new confirmed cases per 100,000 residents were the hardest hit areas. According to this standard, Portugal has designated 121 cities and regions nationwide as the hardest-hit areas of the pandemic, covering approximately 71% of the country’s population, including the capital Lisbon area.