Home World The earthquake in East Java, Indonesia, has killed and injured 7 people.
The earthquake in East Java, Indonesia, has killed and injured 7 people.

The earthquake in East Java, Indonesia, has killed and injured 7 people.

by YCPress

Jakarta, April 10 Indonesian Disaster Relief Agency officials confirmed on the 10th that the 6.1 magnitude earthquake that occurred in the southern waters of East Java Province that day that day had killed six people and seriously injured one person.

The Meteorological, Climate and Geophysical Bureau of Indonesia had previously reported the magnitude of 6.7, but it was later updated to 6.1.

Yati, spokesman of the Indonesian Disaster Relief Agency, said on the same day that the earthquake killed three people in Lumajan County, East Java Province, two people died in the border area of Lumajan and Mayu, and one death in Mayu.

The Disaster Relief Department of Mayo County, East Java Province posted on social media accounts that the earthquake affected many areas of Mayo and damaged many houses. Photos released by the department show that some houses collapsed and the brick walls were tilted and cracked, causing serious losses.

According to Indonesian media reports, public buildings and facilities in several counties and cities in East Java Province were damaged to varying degrees in the earthquake, including local council buildings, schools, hospitals and playgrounds. Pictures broadcast by local television shows that the ceiling of a supermarket in Ma’er was cracked by the earthquake and goods were scattered all over the place. In a shopping mall in May, panicked customers escaped from the mall and took refuge in an open area.

According to the website of the Indonesian Meteorological, Climate and Geophysical Bureau, the focal depth of the earthquake is 25 kilometers, and the bureau did not issue a tsunami warning for the earthquake.

Indonesia is located in the Pacific Rim seismic belt, with thousands of earthquakes and earthquakes every year. In September 2018, an earthquake of magnitude 7.4 occurred in Donggara County, Central Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. The earthquake and the tsunami caused by it killed more than 2,000 people.