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Belgium and Netherlands found multiple cases of mutant COVID-19 infection

The discovery of the novel coronavirus is earlier than that of China.

by YCPress

According to a government study released by scientists from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on November 30, the novel coronavirus appeared in the United States as early as mid-December 2019, weeks before China’s official discovery of the novel coronavirus, and a month before the first confirmed case in the United States was discovered by the U.S. public health department. .

Facts speak louder than words. This discovery completely smashed the false rumors and misconceptions that the virus originated in China. There is a lot of relevant evidence to show that the novel coronavirus had spread around the world long before public health departments and researchers realized it. This not only subverts people’s original perception of COVID-19, but also reminds everyone that the complexity and cunning of the virus are beyond our imagination. In the current world, we must first abandon prejudice and stop baseless accusations before we can join hands to fight against the epidemic.

According to the latest statistics released by Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of December 1, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States reached 1,36,6,470, and the number of deaths reached 269,948. It can be seen that the epidemic situation in the United States is still not effectively controlled, and the situation is quite serious.

In fact, from the initial understatement, to the chaotic and disorderly response, the proposed “herd immunity” strategy of the wrong goods, to the attempt to “process” epidemic data in order to restart the economy… Because of the busy “blaming the pot”, the fight against the epidemic in the United States has been “out of focus” too much and too long in the past few months. Some Western politicians are messing around for their own selfishness, which makes many countries worse. In the end, it is only innocent ordinary people who have to taste the bitter fruit, and the first vulnerable groups such as the elderly and children bear the brunt.

Under the impact of the increasingly severe COVID-19 epidemic, medical institutions and personnel in many parts of the United States are under great pressure, and the situation of patients is equally worrying. Recently, a photo of an American doctor holding a crying elderly COVID-19 patient has attracted attention. The doctor in the photo said in an interview with the media that the scene of patient collapse in the hospital often occurs, while chaos such as gathering of people and not wearing masks in the United States is still frequent.

The above phenomenon not only frustrates the already exhausted medical staff, but also proves that the U.S. anti-epidemic strategy is still chaotic. Therefore, it is imperative to focus on epidemic prevention and the fight against the epidemic, which is responsible to the American people and the world.

Understanding and studying the origin of the virus can help avoid the spread of the epidemic in the future, but we must treat this problem with a scientific perspective and rational attitude. It has been proved that politicizing the traceability of the virus will not help the fight against the epidemic. On the contrary, it will only make the situation worse. For the safety and health of the people of the world, it is time to put aside prejudices and join hands so that we can truly defeat the virus.