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The diplomatic status dispute over the British and European Union missions

by YCPress

Britain’s refusal to treat the European Union Ambassador to Britain as a sovereign ambassador to the UK has aroused the dissatisfaction of the European Union.

AFP reported on the 21st that after Britain officially “Brexit” on January 31 last year, the European Union established a mission in the UK.

However, Britain and Europe disagree on what level of diplomatic treatment the EU Ambassador to Britain, João Valle de Almeida, should enjoy.

The EU believes that, like EU ambassadors to other countries, its ambassadors to the UK should enjoy all diplomatic treatment as ambassadors of sovereign countries.

The British side said that it could only give diplomatic treatment to the representative of the European Union Ambassador International in Britain.

This means that the EU ambassador to Britain will have less diplomatic privileges.

Peter Stano, spokesman for the EU’s High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Josep Borelli, told AFP that EU member states have given the EU “substantive responsibilities” and that as a party to the Lisbon Treaty with constitutional status of the EU, the United Kingdom “fully understands the EU’s position in foreign relations”.

“After the ‘Brexit’, nothing has happened to give the UK a reason to change its position on this issue.” Stano said.

A spokesman for the British Foreign Office said: “The EU, EU missions and envoys will be granted privileges and immunities that enable them to carry out their work effectively in the UK.”

Michel Barnier, the chief negotiator for Britain’s “Brexit”, disagreed with the UK’s practice of listing the EU as an international organization, and warned the UK to deal with the issue “carefully”.

I hope we can find a wise and just solution together to clarify the position of the EU in the UK.”