Home Politics The defense lawyer helped Trump escape, but he suffered.
The defense lawyer helped Trump escape, but he suffered.

The defense lawyer helped Trump escape, but he suffered.

by YCPress

February 13th of this month, former U.S. President Trump was acquitted in the second impeachment case.

However, Michael van der Veen, a defense lawyer who assisted Trump in escaping again, suffered.

Two days ago, Van der Veen’s house was damaged, and his driveway was painted with the words “TRAITOR”.

Some demonstrators also ran outside Van der Veen’s law firm to protest, shouting slogans such as “Vander Veen is a fraud” and “Convicting Trump”.

Hours after Trump’s defense lawyer Van der Wien first appeared in the U.S. Senate on the 12th, the word “traitor” appeared in front of the lawyer’s door.

Scott Pezick, a police officer at the local police station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, confirmed that at about 8 p.m. that day, police received warnings of van der Wien’s house damage.

An unidentified person carried out damage with red paint, but the police have not arrested anyone.

Pagek said Van der Wien’s wife found out about the situation when she came home and called the police.

The police officer said the police had launched operations in the area to prevent potential vandalism, while the Van der Wien family had hired a private security guard.

On February 13, on the day of the U.S. Senate voted on Trump’s innocence, Van der Wien attended and defended Trump’s impeachment trial.

At the time, Van der Wien launched a fierce attack on Democrats and said that the impeachment was their “political revenge” and that the Democrats launched the impeachment just because of hatred for Trump.

Before the Senate impeachment trial, Van der Wien and other Trump’s defense team also submitted a 75-page document criticizing Democrats’ impeachment as “shameless political behavior” and trying to leave Trump’s relationship with the congressional riots.

However, Van der Wien’s work in defending Trump has attracted hatred for himself.

In addition to the damage to the driveway of Van der Wien’s house, a group of demonstrators gathered outside the Van der Wien law firm in downtown Philadelphia on the 13th, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported on the 13th.

During this period, the demonstrators called Van der Wien a “fascist” and a liar.

Video on the scene showed that some demonstrators shouted slogans with louds, while others protested by beating drums, and a striking banner with the words “Convict Trump” was also pulled at the scene.

Van der Wien briefly talked about these events in an interview with Fox News on the 13th.

Van der Veen was obviously unhappy, saying, “My home was attacked.” My entire family, my business, my law firm are now under siege.”

On the 13th of this month, the U.S. Senate held a final vote on Trump’s impeachment case. In the end, with 57 votes to 43 against, it failed to pass the “sedition” impeachment clause, and Trump was not convicted.

Under the U.S. Constitution, only more than two-thirds of senators believe that the president is guilty in an impeachment vote will the president be convicted.

After the results came out, Trump, who had been silent since leaving office, finally spoke.

He thanked his defense team and Republican lawmakers, and said that “the largest political persecution in American history has reached the latest stage”.

However, Trump’s innocence has been questioned a lot.

CNN reported on the 14th that Trump’s impeachment defense was “dishonest” throughout.

CNN said that in response to the Senate trial of Trump’s impeachment, the defense documents issued by Trump’s defense lawyer Van der Wien are full of “false and misleading” claims, including that Trump did not incite congressional riots and that the Senate impeached the outgoing president was unreasonable.