Home Politics The deadly cold wave hit the lack of electricity and water, but the people turned to the government for help but were viciously attacked by the mayor!
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The deadly cold wave hit the lack of electricity and water, but the people turned to the government for help but were viciously attacked by the mayor!

by YCPress

According to several U.S. media reports, Texas in the United States has been hit by a strong cold wave in recent days, and the temperature in some places has even hit a new low in decades.

However, due to the power shortage, more than 3.5 million households and businesses in the state have to struggle in the cold winter. Some places have to suspend the supply of tap water due to power shortages, and 17 people have died in the cold wave.

Local media reports in Texas show that although power is tight in many places in the United States, Texas’s problems are more serious than the “rotating power outages” that last for about an hour or so, because the state’s power grid system does not take into account the effects of the cold winter weather, which leads to The power supply equipment is directly frozen under this weather condition.

In addition, influenced by historical separatism in Texas, the state’s power grid is independent of the federal grid system covering many parts of the United States.

As a result, many of the standards and measures taken by the U.S. federal power grid system to cope with the cold winter weather have not been adopted by Texas’ own grid system.

Some media also revealed that Texas actually suffered a cold winter that knocked down its power grid 10 years ago, and at that time, the U.S. federal government wrote a report to recommend its rectification, but the state government also did not adopt it.

It is shockingly shocking that when the people of Texas expressed dissatisfaction with the “man-made disaster” caused by the government’s perennial inaction, the mayor of a Texas city actually said wildly, not only pushing the government’s responsibility completely, but also throwing out a “social Darwinist” statement, so that ordinary people can grow up from themselves. Exterminate!

This person is Tim Boyd, mayor of Colorado, Texas. According to local media reports, the mayor wrote in an online post published on Tuesday morning local time: “We don’t owe you and your family anything.

It’s not the responsibility of the local government to help you in such difficult times! Survival or death is your own choice! Government and power providers and other service providers don’t owe you anything!”

The mayor also said that ordinary people without electricity and water should find a way to survive by themselves, instead of “lazily reaching out to the government for money”, and called this kind of seeking government for assistance in case of difficulties is “the tragic product of the socialist government”.

“Only the fittest can survive, and the weak can only be eliminated,” he wrote.

It is conceivable that Boyd’s words immediately caused a great uproar and fierce criticism on the local society and even the American Internet.

As shown in the figure below, some American netizens said that this incident fully showed that the mayor had separated from the people who elected him to power, and actually said that the service that the ordinary people should have received after asking for their own payment was asking for money from the government.

Some people more directly denounced him for his “a shit” and “cancer” existence, believing that such a person not only is not worthy of being an official, but also should let his “infamy” be remembered by the whole United States.

At present, the mayor has resigned due to strong public indignation.

But he still defended himself, saying that his words were “out of context”, saying that he was only criticizing the lazy people who did nothing to deal with, only blame the government, rather than attacking the elderly and vulnerable who really needed help.

He also said that he said what he had said before as a “citizen” rather than mayor, and complained that he and his wife had been harassed by “cyber violence”, which even led to his wife’s excommunion.

But American netizens don’t buy it. Someone satirized him: I hope you and your wife can be self-reliant after losing your job.

Don’t apply for any unemployment benefits from the government.

After all, the government is not responsible for helping you.