Home Politics The crew of Indonesia’s sunken submarine sang “Farewell” a few weeks ago
The crew of Indonesia's sunken submarine sang "Farewell" a few weeks ago

The crew of Indonesia’s sunken submarine sang “Farewell” a few weeks ago

by YCPress

Indonesia’s navy has released a heart-wyth-tinging video of a sunken submariner singing inside the submarine earlier, the BBC reported Tuesday. The video, filmed a few weeks ago, shows the crew singing the Indonesian hit song “Sampai Jumpa” (until we meet again).

Indonesian officials confirmed on the 25th, 21 off the coast of Bali, the “Nangara” submarine has sunk, and broke into three, all 53 crew members on board were killed. The submarine was taking part in a torpedo launch exercise before it was lost, and the cause of the sinking is unclear.

The video shows the commander of the Nangara submarine and other crew members surrounding a crew member who is playing a guitar. They sang, “Even if I don’t want to lose you, I’m not ready for life without you.” But I wish you all the best. An Indonesian military spokesman said the video was recorded to bid farewell to the outgoing commander of the navy’s submarine force.

Indonesia’s navy says it is working on plans to recover the bodies of submarines and crew members. The submarine was crushed and cracked by hydraulic pressure at depths of more than 800 metres, and experts say it will take specialist equipment to salvage it from such depths.

Brigadier General Julius Widjojono, of Indonesia’s naval intelligence service, said: “We will analyse the underwater situation to determine what technology to use.” Indonesian President Joko Wiga called the sailors killed “the best patriots” in the country and promised that the government would provide education funding for their children.

“The state will award them a higher rank and a Star Medal in recognition of the service and contribution of these soldiers,” Zorko said. The Government will also sponsor the education of their children until they receive an undergraduate degree. ”

Relatives of the shipwrecked boaters gathered on a beach in Bali on Tuesday to pay their respects to the victims. Immediately after the submarine’s loss, Indonesia launched a search-and-rescue operation, with the United States, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and India providing varying degrees of help.