Home Politics The Consul General in Montreal issued a statement refuting “forced labour”: nonsense
The Consul General in Montreal issued a statement refuting "forced labour": nonsense

The Consul General in Montreal issued a statement refuting “forced labour”: nonsense

by YCPress

April 26 April 2021, the Consul General in Montreal, Chen Xueming, published a signed article entitled “Forced Labour”: “The Nonsense of Words”, published in the Quebec mainstream newspaper The News, Chinese translated as follows:

On 19 April, the Newspaper published an article entitled “Is your T-shirt a product of forced labour”? I have always been willing to pay tribute to authors who focus on China’s development and objectively analyze China’s problems.

And this article makes me can not help but question, “forced labor” this topic has suddenly become a weapon against China, such a set of nonsense and how is it packaged “word chisel”? How do we tell the truth from the lies when we face such reports all day long? I invite you to come and have a look with me.

Take this article as an example. Much of the paper’s views are based on a report by Zheng Guoen, a “German scholar”, “Forced Labour in Xinjiang”. Suspiciously, many of Zheng Guoen’s “reports” have been criticized for misuse of data, distortion of information, fabrication of cases and out-of-context taking of raw material.

The US independent news site Grey Zone has taken stock of Zheng Guoen’s method of fabricating lies: tampering with the thousands of dollars in raw data to exaggerate the data tenfold, or using data from a particular region to replace or even “calculate” data for the whole of Xinjiang, even though the region accounts for only 4.4 per cent of the territory and 3.8 per cent of the population. And so on, everywhere. What’s more, Zheng’s organization is funded by a foreign intelligence agency.

But it is hard to understand that Zheng Guoen’s set of lies has been reprinted and disseminated over and over again, and he has not even been to China, by accusing China of overnight fame. Meanwhile, The French Writer Maxim VivaS Has Come Under Fire On Social NetworkS And Even Threatened By RacistS And Anti-Chinese FigureS For Writing about His 2016 And 2018 Visits To Xinjiang As The End Of UighuR Fake News. How ridiculous and ridiculous it is.

As for “forcing Uighurs to pick cotton by hand”, a common sense known to ordinary people in Xinjiang is that cotton picking in Xinjiang has long been highly mechanized because of its lower cost and higher efficiency. What about before the machine is realized? “In previous years, every cotton harvesting season, the family is not enough, we will spend money to ask Xinjiang local and mainland cotton pickers to help,” Uighur cotton farmer Jiti Imti of Kucar City, Aksu region, told reporters.

Each person can earn more than 2000 Canadian dollars in less than 2 months, everyone rushed to come, which need to be forced ah? “It’s no different from hiring foreign temporary workers to harvest strawberries, cherries and pears during the busy agricultural season. And these season workers are usually from Henan, Sichuan, Shandong, Gansu rural surplus labor force, a season of cotton harvesting income is sometimes higher than the family income for a year.

There are no perfect people, and so is the country. If you look for evidence with preset ideas, you rarely come home empty-handed. As a large developing country with one fifth of the world’s population, China’s challenges are far more complex than Canadian friends think, but we continue to explore solutions that are tailored to our national conditions and strive to make life happier, safer and freer for 1.4 billion people. It is also in the interest of people all over the world.

Ears are empty, eyes are real. It is difficult for us to know the truth by listening to partial beliefs. As long as it is not with the presumption of guilt glasses, open China has always opened its doors, welcome Quebec friends to China to have a look, to Xinjiang to have a look.