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The cold wave in the United States has aggravated the chip supply crisis

by YCPress

German News recently reported that due to the Arctic cold current, Texas, the United States, has a power shortage, and local chip manufacturers have to close their factories, causing the situation in the global semiconductor market to become increasingly tense.

According to the report, the cold current is adversely affecting the semiconductor industry.

Texas, the hardest hit in the United States, has asked all Austin-based chip manufacturers to stop producing in order to provide enough electricity to the health department.

As one of the largest chip suppliers in the automotive industry, NXP has now closed two factories in Austin.

The German company Infineon also suspended production.

At present, the situation in the global semiconductor market is very tense.

At the end of last year, the demand for chips in the entertainment and automotive industries increased significantly, home office brought sales of laptops to the highest level in a decade, and demand for household appliances also increased significantly.

Many car manufacturers also complain about the shortage of chip supply.

Therefore, the report commented that “the current production reduction time can’t be worse.”

The report of the market research institute Innovation Strategy said that the shutdown of chip factories in the United States “will undoubtedly have an impact on the chip market, which is already in serious shortage”.

Large automakers such as Volkswagen, Ford and Toyota have cut production due to a lack of spare parts.

Experts from Esson Huamai in the United Kingdom estimate that the chip supply crisis may have a greater impact on the electronics industry, and that supply shortages will also lead to higher prices of electronic products.