Home Politics The Chinese government donated to the peace process in Myanmar.
The Chinese government donated to the peace process in Myanmar.

The Chinese government donated to the peace process in Myanmar.

by YCPress

January 28, the donation ceremony of the Chinese government to Myanmar’s National Center for Reconciliation and Peace was held in Naypyidaw.

Chen Hai, the Chinese Ambassador to Myanmar, transferred the aid to the Secretary-General of the Myanmar Center for National Reconciliation and Peace and the Deputy Minister of the State-owned Assets Government, and Yang Shouzheng Counselor of the Embassy, Director Wen Jueang of the State-owned Assets Government Department, Director of Juelun and others attended the meeting.

In his speech, Ambassador Chen Hai expressed his support for Myanmar’s reconciliation and peace process and to provide constructive help according to Myanmar’s will, which is the firm position of the Chinese government.

At the beginning of 2021, Wang Yi, State Councilor and Foreign Minister of China, visited Myanmar, and the two sides reached a number of consensuses and achievements on the development of Sino-Myanmar relations.

State Councilor Wang Yi reiterated China’s support for Myanmar to continue to promote domestic national reconciliation in the spirit of “Binlong” and announced that it would provide assistance to the Myanmar peace process, some of which was donated to the Myanmar National Reconciliation and Peace Center, which fully demonstrated

China’s firm support for the cause of peace in Myanmar, and reflected the deep friendship between China and Myanmar. The spirit of keeping watch and helping each other in the spirit of community of destiny.

We are pleased to see that the fourth “Binlong Peace Conference for the 21st Century” was successfully held last August and continued to make progress.

Myanmar is about to form a new government.

China supports Myanmar’s implementation of the consensus of the Binlong Conference and the continuous promotion of the cause of internal reconciliation and peace.

Seeking peace and development is the common aspiration and direction of the people of the world, including China and Myanmar.

China is willing to work with Myanmar to continue to maintain peace and stability in the China-Myanmar border area, help the development of ethnic minority areas in Myanmar, so that the people of Myanmar can get out of the haze of the confrontational conflict as soon as possible, bathe in the sunshine of peace, and move towards national development and prosperity.

Chimang Ting said that China is Myanmar’s friendly neighbor and has always firmly supported Myanmar’s reconciliation and peace process.

Under the leadership of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi State Senior Executive, Myanmar’s reconciliation and peace work has progressed steadily.

This time, China once again provided financial assistance to Myanmar, which fully reflected the deep friendship between the two countries, and Myanmar expressed deep gratitude for this.

Myanmar will make good use of China’s assistance to continue to promote the cause of national peace and national reconciliation.

Since 2016, the Chinese government has provided aid to Myanmar five times to support Myanmar’s reconciliation and peace process.