Home World The Chinese conflict in Australian milk tea shops, the batterers were arrested.
The Chinese conflict in Australian milk tea shops, the batterers were arrested.

The Chinese conflict in Australian milk tea shops, the batterers were arrested.

by YCPress

January 29, a Chinese conflict in a milk tea shop in Adelaide, Australia, attracted media attention.

According to the latest reports of many Australian media, the man who beat people in the online video has been arrested by the police, and many details of the previous rumors have also been revealed one after another.

In this video of the argument, the woman on the left side of the picture above was originally arguing with the man in a gray coat in the picture. Judging from the dialogue, the woman used to work in the milk tea shop, and the man with a gray coat was the owner of the store.

The two quarreled about the woman who had worked briefly in the store, but failed to pass the probation period, and the boss refused to pay her on this ground.

From the video, the whole quarrel escalated after the woman took out her mobile phone and said that she had sent the dispute between the two to the local forum.

From the video, it can be seen that a man in black next to him suddenly appeared in the camera and shouted at the woman in the palm of his hand.

Since then, the dispute between the two sides has quickly turned into a physical conflict.

First, the woman who was slapped back at the man in black. In the chaos, another woman who was suspected of being his wife with the man in black also joined the fight, and the man in black kicked the woman who had asked for pay later.

From the video, a bystander who came to persuade him was also injured in the conflict.

The Chinese conflict in Australian milk tea shops, the batterers were arrested.

According to the latest news from the local media, the man in black who beats people in the video has been arrested by the police, and the local court is expected to hear the incident on May 7.

Previously, it was rumored on the Internet that the hitter in this incident was the owner of the store, but from the current news, the hitter was another customer in the store.

Due to a statement issued by the milk tea shop involved in the incident, many foreign media also seemed to be a little “unbrained” when reporting on this matter.

In the statement, the store defined the fight as “the employee of the store clashed with the customer”, that is, the man in black who beats was a customer who went to the store to consume, and said that the two had nothing to do with the woman’s salary demand.

The statement also said that the store has a “zero tolerance” attitude towards any violence.

Source: Australian News Network

However, this response was not agreed by most readers, because it can be seen from the video that the man in black joined the dispute after the woman argued with the shopkeeper about the salary, and because the beating caused a subsequent conflict, and the two things could not be considered “unrelated”.

Compared with the reports of Australian News Network and other foreign media, the media either followed the store’s statement or defined the incident as a “pay dispute” from the video, so that the interpretation of the incident was a little vague.

So far, the local police and the judiciary have not released a complete investigation into the conflict.

According to a saying circulating in local forums, the man in black was a friend of the shopkeeper.

When he was consuming in the store, he accused the girl who was working at that time of being unskilled in operating the cashier machine.

The two sides had a quarrel due to misunderstanding.

Subsequently, the man in black complained to his friend and owner of the store against the girl.

After that, the girl said that she would resign immediately and asked the boss for the salary of her previous job.

After the request was rejected, the above dispute between the two sides occurred.

However, this statement has not been endorsed and responded to by the local police, the judiciary and the participants in the incident.