Home Business The Chinese company’s acquisition of Madasic completely fails, and the Ukrainian government faces huge compensation
The Chinese company’s acquisition of Madasic completely fails, and the Ukrainian government faces huge compensation

The Chinese company’s acquisition of Madasic completely fails, and the Ukrainian government faces huge compensation

by YCPress

The Global Times reported on December 9 that due to the opposition of Ukrainian President Zelensky, the Ukrainian Anti-Monopoly Commission rejected the application of a Chinese company to acquire shares in Madasiqi. Chinese investors have filed an international arbitration against the Ukrainian government, demanding compensation for the huge losses of US$3.5 billion.

Madassic is a world-renowned aero engine company. It had the title of “Power Tsar” in the Soviet era. Its products were exported to more than 90 countries at its peak. In the arsenal of the “Red Empire”, most of the works above the water, flying in the sky, and running on the ground are made by Madassic.

Chinese company’s acquisition of Madasic completely fails

For China, Madasic is definitely a good company, but for Ukraine and other countries it is clearly not. Why do you say that?

Madasic is essentially a strategic enterprise with a huge investment. With Ukraine’s national strength today, it is impossible to feed such an “industrial behemoth”. The reason is just as Makarov, the director of the Black Sea Shipyard, said that the construction of the “Varyag” requires “the Soviet Union, the Party Central Committee, the State Planning Commission, the Military Industry Commission and nine Ministries of Defense Industry. 600 related majors, 8,000 Supporting manufacturers, in short, need a great country to complete him.”

Maintaining and guaranteeing the survival and development of Madassic also requires a great country to complete. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Ukrainian politicians beat them all at once, and the country’s power is declining. The people in the country can’t even eat enough food, and the government can’t even provide wages. How can there be resources to invest in and develop strategic enterprises like Madassic.

Russia used to have great ideas for Madsic, and it is also a suitable buyer. After all, Russia and Ukraine were once a member of the Soviet Union. There is no technical obstacle to selling Madsic to Russia, but Russia and Ukraine are now Because of the problems of Crimea and the split of Udon, they are almost deadly enemies, and there is no possibility of a deal between the two countries.

Besides, Madasic’s technical Russia also kept a share when the Soviet Union collapsed. Russia and Uzbekistan have had feuds several times, and the Russian aero engine has been caught by Ukraine. In these years, the bear has eaten up Madassic’s technology very much. Nowadays, the demand for Madassic is not very urgent. Because of this, Russia stopped buying from Madassic a few years ago.

Ukrainian government faces huge compensation

Ukraine most hopes that the United States and Europe will take over, but the two aviation industries are very developed and both have very mature industrial chains. They are completely incompatible with the Soviet style of Madsic. They cannot build another set of aviation for Madsic. The system is really uneconomical because of the cost. When the Soviet Union fell, some of Madassic’s unique technologies had long been absorbed by the West.

In order to prevent Ukraine from selling Madsic to China, the United States hired the “third elder brother” as the receiver, but the “third elder brother” was unwilling to live and die. Why? You sell this high-end product to India. Doesn’t this mean you are bullying? India’s weak industrial system can hardly support the jewel in the crown of aerodynamics, so Madassic can only look at it but not touch it. Is it interesting? For aircraft carriers and fighter jets, India directly purchases them in the international market as a package. Isn’t it good for the third brother?

After counting, the whole world also has the demand, ability and sincerity of the Chinese company to take over the Ukrainian Madasic. Boguslayev, President of Madasic, once said that in addition to buying shares, Chinese companies also promised to invest 250 million US dollars in the company’s factories within two years. After the sale of shares in the Madasic plant, some patents will remain owned by Ukraine.

The Chinese and Uzbek companies had originally completed the negotiations on the acquisition of Madassic, but the United States did not allow it. Washington’s approach is a thief. Although he expressed opposition at the beginning of the deal, there weren’t many substantive actions. But when the deal was about to be concluded after years of negotiation, he jumped out and tried his best to stop it. . Just like when China purchased Israel’s Faircon early warning aircraft. The United States repeats its old technology in order to delay and retard the progress of China’s aviation industry.

In order to stop the Sino-Ukrainian deal, White House security adviser Bolton ran to Ukraine last year and said harshly: I don’t want to discuss specific deals. This is Ukraine’s sovereignty issue, but Washington opposes Ukraine’s cooperation with China and threatens to stop the trade. assistance. In August this year, U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo made a special visit to Ukraine to put pressure on Ukrainian President Zelensky.

For Ukraine, marrying a Chinese company to rescue the dying Madasic is a business that will never lose money. But Ukraine has tied itself tightly to the United States and Western tanks over the years. It is a sad thing that politicians in this country have been unable to make major decisions in line with their own interests.