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The Central Bank of Italy issued 2 euros in circulation commemorative coins in memory of the heroes of the fight against the epidemic.

Iceland requires inbound people to hold a negative certificate of COVID-19 test within 72 hours.

Photo: On display in the Temple of Rome on November 6, 2020, local time, this marble bust depicts a man wearing glasses and a Red Cross mask, which says soldiers fighting against COVID-19. Image Source: Copyright Works of Sipaphoto No Reproduction

December 23rd According to a report quoted by the European Union News Agency by the European Network, the Central Bank of Italy announced on the 22nd that in order to remember the heroes of the fight against the epidemic, commemorate the medical workers on the front line of the epidemic, and pay tribute to all those who have made sacrifices and contributions to the fight against the epidemic, the Central Bank of Italy will issue 300 in 2021.

Ten thousand 2 euro circulating coins to commemorate the fight against the epidemic, with a total value of 6 million euros.

Claudia Momoni, the author of the coin design, reportedly said that the 2 euro commemorative coin depicts the main motif of a man and a woman in a white coat, stethoscope and holding a folder, the red cross logo on the left and a love on the right

. The top is written in Italian with “Thank you” (GRAZIE) to express the highest respect.

Momoni said that the coin fully demonstrated the beautiful vision of mankind to overcome the epidemic crisis, as well as the determination and confidence of Italians to unite to defeat the epidemic.

At the same time, it also expressed the theme of the times in which the European Union would unite to fight the epidemic.

According to a statistical report released by the Italian Industrial Accident Insurance Agency (INAIL) on the 22nd, since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in Italy in February 2020, 28,000 medical staff had been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus by the end of November, including 263 doctors and 49 nurses working on the front line of the epidemic.

He died in the line of duty due to the epidemic.

According to the report, the Central Bank of Italy pointed out that 3 million 2 euro coins issued by the central bank to commemorate the fight against the epidemic, equivalent to ordinary 2 euro coins, will be officially put on the currency circulation market in 2021.

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