Home LifestyleHealth The call for recall of the governor of California in the United States is soaring. The people count his “three crimes”
The call for recall of the governor of California in the United States is soaring. The people count his "three crimes"

The call for recall of the governor of California in the United States is soaring. The people count his “three crimes”

by YCPress

The “Removal of Newsom” campaign against California Governor Newsom has entered the sprint stage. As of the 17th local time, more than 1.68 million recall signatures have been collected, which further takes the recall process launched on March 17.

Governor Newsom’s inaction during the pandemic in California has been widely criticized by the public, and critics believe that his control of state government funds and repeated violations of pandemic prevention regulations have caused long-standing public resentment, and the recent confusion over the management of the issuance of a coronavirus vaccine has raised calls for his recall.

Since June last year, Newsom has agreed to withdraw nearly $8 billion from the state government reserve account for pandemic prevention and control-related expenses. Since then, the tax payment has been postponed and the huge public expenditure in response to the pandemic has continued to rise.

As a result, California’s fiscal situation has changed from a surplus of $21.6 billion to a budget deficit of 54.3 billion yuan. In the face of huge state fiscal losses, Newsom believes that he should not be responsible for it, after all, he caught up with the rare impact of the pandemic during his term of office.

Recently, it has been revealed by the media that from March 2020 to mid-January 2021, California paid a total of $114 billion in unemployment benefits, but nearly 10% of them, equivalent to $11 billion was paid to fraudulent claims.

Since the investigators intervened, it was found that this figure may be more alarming, which is expected to exceed $20 billion.

For this reason, the people believe that the pandemic has already hit California’s economy, and the state government’s poor management of funds has led to the flow of relief funds to the illegal hands of the people from fire and water. Newsom is inescapable responsibility for this.

At the same time, Californians are disgusted with Newsom’s repeated violations of pandemic prevention regulations during the pandemic.

Last November, Newsom moved most of California’s counties back to the most restrictive levels, causing the catering industry and other service industries to face closures again.

During this period, Newsom was found to have taken the lead in violating the pandemic prevention laws he had formulated and had dinner with several families in high-end restaurants.

After the behavior was exposed by the media, it immediately aroused public anger, blaming them for taking precedence over the law, ignoring the loss of loved ones due to the pandemic, suffering from unemployment and being in distress.

Recently, the chaos of California’s coronavirus vaccination has pushed the call for “remove Newsom” to the highest point.

Due to missing doses, upload errors, time delays and software failures, California’s COVID-19 vaccination data is “abnormally chaotic” and it is impossible to track how many doses of COVID-19 vaccines can be used at any time.

Although the California Department of Public Health has set up a vaccine information website to disclose vaccination data to the public, the media found that there is a large number of error messages on the website, including displaying the number of vaccines in other states, incomplete data, and upload errors leading to information inconsistencies.

To address the problem of California’s vaccine tracking system, Newsom recently announced a new agreement worth up to $42 million, saying that the state will cooperate with Accenture on vaccines and record systems.

In response, relevant experts engaged in vaccine tracking technology in the United States said after reading the agreement that the agreement not only lacks clear performance standards, but also will lead to California’s cost overruns in this work, and believe that the tracking system is very troublesome to operate and indirectly slow down the vaccination rate.

For this reason, the people once again accused Newsom, saying that while he continues to squander his “family fortunes”, he may not be able to really solve the problem of vaccination confusion.