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The British army dispatched! British media: 1,500 soldiers assisted the school to carry out nucleic acid testing for students.

by YCPress

According to the BBC and other British media reports, in order to welcome the opening of secondary schools and colleges around the country, the British government has sent troops to these schools to assist the school to carry out nucleic acid testing for students.

According to the BBC, the British Ministry of Defence said that it has sent 1,500 soldiers to assist many British secondary schools and universities that open after the Christmas holiday on January 4 next year to carry out students’ entrance virus nucleic acid testing.

According to the British Ministry of Defence, the assistance provided by the military is mainly to provide advice and support on how to carry out such nucleic acid testing and how to build relevant testing facilities. It mainly takes the form of lectures, individual meetings and telephone consultations, but it will also be ready to provide on-site support for some urgent needs.

The BBC also introduced the nucleic acid testing process for admission to these schools in the UK, saying that students will use swab sampling themselves under the guidance of school staff or volunteers, but teachers will not participate in the testing process of students.

According to the Guardian, the British government and military had successfully piloted some schools in November and December this year, so it decided to promote this mechanism.

However, the Guardian and the British Times also pointed out that there is still controversy within the British government, in the education community and public opinion on whether British secondary schools and universities should open as usual next month. Because the Government Emergency Scientific Advisory Group, which provides professional advice on epidemic prevention, suggested that the UK should postpone the start of school and take stricter epidemic prevention measures to control the current new outbreak caused by the mutant strain of the novel coronavirus.

On social networks abroad, some British netizens also doubt whether British schools can effectively implement the ability to force students to wear masks and maintain social distancing in schools. A set of pictures posted by a London netizen named mila shows that some British secondary schools have not previously failed to socialize their students to social distance, but there are dangerous scenes of students gathering in dense teaching buildings.

“This is the way for a developed country to protect children’s safety,” the netizen wrote.

Finally, according to the British newspaper The Independent, a large teachers’ union representing principals and teachers also appealed to Gavin Williamson, the British Secretary of State for Education, requiring him to ensure that everyone maintains social distancing of 2 meters and wear masks before the start of school. Otherwise, students and teachers It is still difficult to study and teach at ease.