Home World The body is out of control! A 20-year-old girl suffered from a “weird disease” and was told to wait to die… However, a miracle appeard!
The body is out of control! A 20-year-old girl suffered from a "weird disease" and was told to wait to die... However, a miracle appeard!

The body is out of control! A 20-year-old girl suffered from a “weird disease” and was told to wait to die… However, a miracle appeard!

by YCPress

This beautiful girl in the photo her name is Lucy

In other words, when you see the photo, you will never associate her with a “weird disease”.

But sometimes fate is like this…

Four years ago, Lucy, who was just 20 years old, was no different from ordinary beautiful girls:

She studied criminology at the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom. She dreams of joining the police force one day. Beauty, love, the future… She should have followed this script.

However, one day suddenly, she had a splitting headache…

I thought it was just an ordinary headache, but I never expected it, but then it was depression…

She wasted her time in bed, her pretty face no longer smiled. According to a friend’s words: “She seems to have changed people.”

Then, terrible things happened one after another, and Lucy’s nightmare had just begun…

She had many manic episodes. In the intermittent sty, she laughed and cried for a while, shouting that she would never find a boyfriend!

When the parents couldn’t see it right, they rushed her to the hospital. On the way to the hospital, Lucy tried to jump out of the car, finally got to the hospital and pulled off all the curtains in the hospital waiting room.

All these actions may seem to others that she is crazy. Even doctors diagnosed her as mentally ill. They were placed in the psychiatric department, where Lucy stayed for three months…

During this short period of three months, severe seizures continued to occur.

Once, she had a severe epilepsy, and even fell off the bed and fell on an uncovered radiator, which directly caused her leg disability…

In Lucy’s words, she felt that her whole body was out of control. In addition, the influence of lights and sounds on her would make her very unbearable…

Even her 21st birthday was spent in the desperate treatment of doctors…

That day, the “birthday gift” God gave her was a medical electric shock-letting electric current pass through and stimulate her brain! You know, this is a method rarely used by the British National Health System (NHS)…

Soon after, the doctor gave Lucy’s parents a second blow. They were told that their daughter was alive soon…

Lucy also felt that everything was over at the time: “I really thought I was over, I don’t know how this happened. When they were told that I was going to die, I would just sit down and cry…”

At this moment, everything turned around!

In January of the following year, the doctor was surprised to find that Lucy was not suffering from mental illness, but a rare brain disease.

This disease not only causes seizures, but also changes in personality and behavior, and even leads to loss of consciousness, which is life-threatening and requires emergency treatment in the hospital.

In fact, this disease is very similar to mental illness, usually due to infection and inflammation of the brain.

After finding out the problem, symptomatic treatment can be done!

In Lucy’s words: “I have no mental problems, I’m just sick.”

With the care and support of her family and her own hard work, she slowly recovered and could even go back to school.

However, she was misdiagnosed and had taken a lot of psychotropic drugs, and the impact on the body can be imagined.

Everything was not as smooth as expected, “On the first day of school, I started crying and I felt overwhelmed.” Because she couldn’t adapt to everything, in her words, “Before that year, I hardly left. Past my house…”

In spite of this, she insisted on going to school and achieved good results through hard work.

She gradually recovered. Although she does not need a wheelchair, she must be able to stand on crutches.

What is even more surprising is that her experience and beauty were taken by a modeling agency that specializes in taking fashion photos for the disabled.

For this model company, Lucy is undoubtedly a “potential stock”.

Even with a crutches, Lucy can confidently take beautiful photos and speak for the disabled:

The helper on her leg cannot stop her beauty.

In addition, she is now a full-time model for brands such as Ann Summers and Pretty Little Thing. She is passionate about representing the disabled in the fashion industry.

In the words of the British “Sun”, “she is now a successful model”.

From her confident face, she can no longer see the pain of the past: