Home World The bizarre assassination of a former senior official with 15 bodyguards shows that Mexican drug dealers
The bizarre assassination of a former senior official with 15 bodyguards shows that Mexican drug dealers

The bizarre assassination of a former senior official with 15 bodyguards shows that Mexican drug dealers

by YCPress

Sandoval, Former Governor of Jalisco

The Global Times reported on December 19 that Sandoval, the former governor of Jalisco, Mexico, was killed in an ambush. Local media reported that because Sandoval had been trying to combat armed drug cartels during his tenure as governor, he became vengeful with the local drug crime cartels and believed that his killing was related to the drug carters there.

Knowing that he had offended drug dealers, Sandoval resigned as governor and equipped himself with 15 bodyguards and bulletproof vehicles. But even so, the assassin still severely injured him in a restaurant in full view.

After the bodyguard rescued the injured Sandoval, he still chased him on the street to ensure he was killed. This shows how much hatred he has. .

What’s even more incredible is that in the restaurant where Sandoval was shot and killed, the staff quickly cleaned it up after the incident, resulting in all possible clues being destroyed. 

The media restored this assassination case and found that all the plots were intertwined and ten separate. Even Sandoval’s habit of only bringing two bodyguards to the bathroom was accurately counted.

Known as a strong country in Latin America, the domestic drug cartel is so powerful that even the government forces cannot effectively deal with it. According to reports, the Mexican drug cartel has now developed into a separatist armed with self-respect.

The number of illegal armed members is as high as 100,000. They occupy vast rural areas and use drugs to nurture and protect drugs.

Mexico’s early drug dealers were mostly farmers who were pushed into desperation by the United States and domestic compradors. Everyone knows that the United States has a vast land with sparse population, strong scientific and technological strength, and the efficiency of agricultural production is much higher than that of other countries in the world. 

Without the protection of tariffs, it would be difficult for most countries to compete with American agricultural products, so it goes without saying that Mexico, as a developing country.

Originally, Mexico had formulated a tariff policy to protect its weak agriculture. However, over the years, domestic comprador groups have linked up with American agricultural companies, rendering tariff policies in vain. 

A large number of American agricultural products were dumped on the market, and the “old ink” who could not compete with it could not make a living, and were eventually forced to grow and sell drugs.

With the efforts of generations of drug dealers, the drug traffickers in Mexico have gradually moved towards a group and armed road, and have since embarked on the pinnacle of life that dare to break the government. 

In Mexico’s urban slums, as well as many remote and rural areas, the government’s prestige is even worse than that of drug cartels, because the latter replaced the government as a provider of public goods.

In the face of a strong drug cartel, the government of this country has been very weak. On November 7 last year, a police officer who had participated in the arrest of Ovidio, son of local drug lord Guzman, was brutally killed by gunmen in a very arrogant manner. 

The murderer fired 155 shots at the policeman, completely disregarding the government.

In the process of the Mexican government’s arrest of Ovidio, it can be called a thrilling police and criminal blockbuster. After the Mexican Armed Forces arrested Ovidio, their accomplices in the organization sent dozens of masked men with heavy weapons to surround the local police station in order to rescue him.

The two sides engaged in a gun battle that lasted for hours, killing 13 innocent residents. .

What makes the world stunned is that the Mexican government released Ovidio on the spot in order to avoid more innocent casualties, in exchange for the drug dealers to calm down. 

Not to mention Mexico, even the most powerful America hates these people, but there is no alternative. When Trump built the wall on the US-Mexico border, the main reason was to prevent drug dealers from crossing the border from Mexico to the US.