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The biggest contract in the NBA was born, and the Bucks renewed Adetokumbo’s contract for $228.2 million.

by YCPress

NBA’s “Alphabet Brother Competition Drama” in the past two seasons has finally come to an end. On the 15th local time, the Milwaukee Bucks of the NBA announced a multi-year contract extension with Yannis Adetokumbo, the team’s star nicknamed “Alphabet Brother”.

According to ESPN website, this is a five-year super top-paid contract of $228.2 million and the most expensive contract in NBA history, breaking Westbrook’s record for the most expensive five-year $206.8 million contract signed by the Thunder in 2017.

Adetokumbo’s contract averages $45.6 million a year, which also sets the record for the highest annual salary of athletes in the North American sports collective event.

It is worth mentioning that the five-year contract signed by Alphabet Brother is fully guaranteed – plus the new season, the guarantee amount of the next six seasons is as high as $256 million.

The completion of the contract renewal with the Bucks one year earlier means that Adetokumbo will not become a free agent next summer. Although many people think that Milwaukee, where the Bucks are located, is a small ball city, which is not conducive to the superstar’s personal development, Adetokumbo said on social media three years ago that “loyalty is part of my DNA” and now he does what he says. Adetokumbo is very kind to his family.

His brother Natasis and his brother Costas have come to the NBA to play with his help. So has he treats the Bucks. After renewing his contract with the Bucks, Adetokumbo said excitedly, “This is my home, my city, and it is God’s blessing to be part of the Bucks in the next five years.”

Adetokoumbo, 26, was born in Greece to Nigeria. He ranked third in his family in poor family. Five brothers crowded in a room since childhood, and even took turns wearing a pair of sneakers when playing games.

Adetokumbo, who showed his basketball talent very early, initially played in the Greek Secondary League, and was selected by the Bucks with the 15th pick in the first round when he entered the NBA in 2013. In his rookie season, he started only 23 of 82 regular season games, averaging only 6.8 points per game. In his third season in the NBA, Adetokumbo, who is in excellent and diligent health, finally broke out, and his average data soared to 16.9 points per game, becoming the “fastest player of the year”; in the last two seasons, he has become the “most valuable player” in a row, standing at the peak of the NBA’s personal achievements. In light of this, Disney Pictures is preparing a movie called Greek Monsters, which tells how he grew from a Greek slum child to an NBA superstar.

After the renewal of his contract, Adetokumbo’s next biggest goal is to lead the Bucks to the championship. Over the past two seasons, the Bucks ranked first in the regular season of the league, and Adetokumbo’s personal data has also reached a new high.

However, the team was eliminated in the playoffs for two consecutive years, and last season it stopped in the Eastern Conference semi-finals. After the team further strengthened their strength this off-season, Adetokumbo and the Bucks will point their swords to the championship in the new season.