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"The Belt and Road Initiative" beautiful and environmental protection "road signposts" | This railway treats wild animals gently

“The Belt and Road Initiative” beautiful and environmental protection “road signposts”

by YCPress

In Kenya, there is a modern railway with a length of 480 kilometers.

It connects the Kenyan capital Nairobi with the seaport city of Mombasa.

It is Kenya’s first new railway since independence.

It is also a railway built using Chinese standards, Chinese technology and Chinese equipment.

CNN Travel named “Take the Monne Rail Train” as one of the 20 most worthwhile things to do in Kenya.

The picture shows a zebra trying to cross the road after crossing the Monne Railway Wildlife Pass near Tsawa National Park in Kenya on February 22, 2017. ( Photo by Sun Ruibo, Xinhua News Agency)

This “long iron and steel dragon” that brings great economic benefits to the local area is not a cold existence.

It gently protects wildlife and the local environment where it passes.

Kenya’s gauge railway passes through nature reserves such as Nairobi National Park and Tsavo National Park.

In order to protect the local ecological environment and wildlife

The bridge across Nairobi National Park uses sound barrier beams, and sound barriers are also installed in the park.

To reduce the noise when the train passes

According to the living habits of large animals such as elephants and giraffes

The Mongolian-Nei Railway has set up bridge animal passages in many places on the whole line.

Properly extend the bridge leading bridge across the river at the big river to increase the height of the bridge and facilitate animal traffic.

Kittili Mbasi, director of Kenya Wildlife Conservation Bureau, said

“By observing the whereabouts of elephants in the park, we found that they quickly adapted to the existence of bridges and that their lives were not adversely affected.”

In addition, in order to minimize the impact of railways on mangroves in Mombasa Mangrove Wetland Park

During the construction of the project, a number of over-water pipe culverts were pre-buried within the growth range of mangroves.

Ensure that seawater can enter the area infiltrated by the construction sidewalk.

Mangroves flourished as usual after construction, and the wildlife habitat was effectively protected.

“Green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains”

China, an important concept that advocates harmonious coexistence between man and nature

Not only practice in building a beautiful China

It is also practiced to work with other countries to build a community of destiny.

Reporter: Xie Lin, He Mengshu