Home Politics The Bangkok police in Bangkok, Thailand drove demonstrators with water cannons
The Bangkok police in Bangkok, Thailand drove demonstrators with water cannons

The Bangkok police in Bangkok, Thailand drove demonstrators with water cannons

by YCPress

At present, the protest wave in Thailand, which is mainly against the Prime Minister’s Prayut government and demanding royal reforms, has not dissipated after several months. Demonstrations broke out in the Thai capital Bangkok.

On October 15, 2020, local time, in Bangkok, Thailand, anti-government protests continued and a large number of police were dispatched. People’s Vision

According to the “Bangkok Post” report on October 16, demonstrations continued to erupt on the streets of Bangkok, Thailand, on the evening of the 16th. When the Bangkok police used water cannons to drive away the demonstrators during the clearing, there was a small-scale conflict with the demonstrators, and many policemen and the crowd were injured. After the incident, a demonstrator leader announced the end of the evening, but at the same time said he would continue to hold the rally this Saturday.

Following the escalation of rallies and demonstrations, the Thai government announced a state of emergency order, aimed at maintaining peace and order. According to a Reuters report on the 15th, the Thai government stipulated that from the 15th local time, rallies of 5 or more people are prohibited in the capital Bangkok. At the same time, the public is prohibited from publishing information that may cause panic, affect national security, or damage public morale.

However, the state of emergency order did not stop the demonstrations. At present, the Thai court has announced that 12 major participants in the event have been issued formal arrest warrants on the grounds that they violated the state of emergency order just passed. Thai Prime Minister Prayut said in an interview with the media on Friday, “If the situation does not ease, we do not rule out imposing a curfew in the capital Bangkok area.”

According to the Bangkok Post on the 16th, a Thai human rights lawyer was quoted as saying that in the past 4 days, a total of 51 people were arrested for demonstrations, including a number of protest organizers and participants, many of whom were not granted bail.

Since mid-March 2020, Thailand has declared a state of emergency to fight the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and political gatherings have almost come to a standstill. However, on July 18th, thousands of demonstrators who were dissatisfied with the sharp economic recession during the epidemic took to the streets of Bangkok to stage protests in spite of the ban on gatherings, demanding that the Prayut government dissolve the parliament, redraft the constitution, and stop using the “Deception Law” “Threat the people. Since then, there have been protest rallies led by young people in many places in Thailand. Among them, the rally held at Wangjiatian Square in Bangkok from September 19 to 20 was the largest with tens of thousands of participants.