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The Australian Prime Minister is in a hurry...

The Australian Prime Minister is in a hurry…

by YCPress

Australian Prime Minister Morrison is so anxious! After Trump left the presidency of the United States, Morrison seemed to have lost his “masterbone”.

On January 25, the Australian Financial Review (AFR) reported that Morrison repeatedly consulted his predecessors, John Howard and Kevin Rudd, on how to deal with China.

According to the report, Morrison will extend two diplomatic envoys.

China was Australia’s largest trading partner. However, in the later period of Trump’s presidency, Australia, one of the “Five Eyes Alliance”, has repeatedly rushed to the anti-China line.

In the “revision disturbance” in Hong Kong, there are people on the Australian side who stir up the fire behind it; the epidemic in the United States is out of control, Trump blames China, and Australia, which is not so serious, seems to be as vigorous as some people in the United States on the side of China.

Australian Prime Minister Morrison

However, what did Australia get?

Nowadays, business in Australia is difficult to do.

Morrison, who once accused China on the Hong Kong issue, did not dare to comment on the United States after the riots on Capitol Hill.

This has aroused the dissatisfaction of some people in Australia. The Australian New Daily quoted Rudd as calling Morrison a “coward”.

After all, even in Western society, many leaders have come forward to blame the riots in the United States and Trump.

But Morrison not only did not criticize, but also refused to comment on Trump in an interview with the media.

It is painful to only “gently” express the violent scene.

Today, Trump is no longer president of the United States.

Morrison suddenly remembered something and seemed to want to repair his relationship with China.

The Australian Financial Review even revealed that Morrison may hire two predecessors to serve as his diplomatic envoys. In Uncle Hai’s opinion, this is really a little pragmatic.

As soon as Kevin Rudd called Morrison a coward, Morrison’s hind foot could praise him as “very experienced in related fields. “We will seize any opportunity we think is most conducive to Australia’s development of relations with China”.

Kevin Rudd

How to say? Morrison is at least the prime minister of a country, and there is always something extraordinary.

In Uncle Hai’s eyes, it is extraordinary to ask Rudd to come out of the mountain regardless of Rudd’s accusations.

It is worth seeing that Rudd’s identity is not only the former Prime Minister of Australia. The famous “China Tong” of Australia has become the president of the Asian Association, an American think tank, on January 14 this year.

After Biden came to power, Rudd gave Biden advice that China and the United States should promote “re-stabilization” of bilateral relations.

Achieve a “joint strategic framework” and achieve “controlled strategic competition”. Does such a big picture also inspire Morrison? Listen to Morrison and watch Morrison’s deeds.


Morrison’s other predecessor, Howard, got along well with China during his tenure as Australian Prime Minister, which also made Australia feel full of it. This is enough to make Morrison envious.

At a time when Morrison followed Trump and would stiffen China’s relations, there was no small internal opposition in Australia.

Queensland and Western Australia in particular have deep relations with China in the economic and trade fields.

Governors Palasha and McGovern repeatedly asked Morrison to properly handle relations with China, while Morrison threatened the two states with a feverish mind.

Today, calls like Queensland and Western Australia have appeared in various departments of the Commonwealth of Australia.

“In the past, we have had a very good partnership with China, and we hope to see this relationship continue.” According to the U.S. Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC), Australian Treasury Secretary Josh Frydenberg said in an interview on January 25 that Australia will continue to safeguard national interests, but he hopes to see tensions between China and Australia improve.

Australian Trade Minister Dan Tehan has a similar statement. At this time, can Morrison not worry?

Uncle Hai wants to say that as the premier of a country, it is not easy to be a good family member.

Morrison really should listen carefully to the opinions of his two predecessors, as well as some subordinates today, including state governors. If you listen to it at the same time, it’s clear.