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The approval rating of the Japanese cabinet led by Yoshihide Suga plummeted to 42%

by YCPress

Tokyo, December 15 The results of a poll published by the Japan Broadcasting Association on the 14th showed that the approval rate of the cabinet led by Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga plummeted by 14 percentage points from last month to 42%; disapproval rate It was 36%, an increase of 17 percentage points from the previous month.

The Japan Broadcasting Association conducted a three-day random telephone survey of people over 18 years old across Japan from December 11. Among the 2,164 respondents, 42% supported the cabinet of Yoshihide Suga. 

Among them, 36% of the people supported the reason that Yoshihide Suga’s cabinet “seems better than other previous cabinets”, 21% of the respondents believed that the character of Yoshihide Suga was more credible, and 16% supported the current cabinet because Yoshihide Suga belongs to the political party he supports.

Among those surveyed who did not support Yoshihide Suga, 38% said they “have no expectations for cabinet policy”, 29% think that “the cabinet lacks action”, and 17% think that “the character of Yoshihide Suga is not credible” .

When evaluating the Japanese government’s measures to prevent and control the new crown epidemic, only 4% of the respondents were “very sure”, 37% were “affirmed to a certain extent”, and 40% were “not so sure”. , “Not at all sure” accounted for 16%.

Currently, the new crown epidemic in Japan is still serious. Regarding whether the government should issue an “emergency declaration” again, 57% of the people thought it should be, 30% thought it was unnecessary, and 13% did not answer or said it was unclear.