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The Afghan Taliban took over the first military airport

by YCPress

On the evening of August 11, local time, the Afghan Taliban seized Kunduz airport, the first time the Taliban have taken over the military airport, which is also mainly responsible for road safety in the northeast of the government forces 217 regiment base.

Earlier in the day, Afghan Taliban spokesman Mujahid said in a statement posted on social media that dozens of government soldiers stationed at Kunduz airport, carrying light and heavy weapons, as well as a large number of tanks and vehicles surrendered to the Taliban. At the same time, Mujahid shouted at the defenders in Kabul, hoping that they would give up their resistance.

Earlier, government forces launched a counter-offensive to retake several districts after the Taliban claimed capture of Kunduz.

Kunduz is not only Afghanistan’s fifth largest city, but it is also strategically located and is considered a gateway to the northern provinces, with road links to several provincial capitals in northern Afghanistan, including the fourth largest city, Mazar-i-Sharif, and direct south to the capital Kabul.

Local lawmakers told Afghan media after the Taliban entered the city that once government forces lost Kunduz, the Taliban would use it as a center to further capture other neighboring provincial capitals, the next step is likely to be Mazar-i-Sharif, and even further pressure on Kabul.