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Thailand lifts Bangkok emergency order Prayut calls demonstrators to respect law

by YCPress

Thai government cancelled the emergency order and other related orders in Bangkok on the 22nd local time, aiming to ease the current tension.

According to the “Bangkok Post” citing an announcement issued by Thailand’s “Royal Gazette”, the state of emergency was lifted from the afternoon of the 22nd, and the state of emergency was originally expected to last for one month. The announcement stated that this situation occurred because the “serious situation” had ended and the local law enforcement agencies were able to normally implement relevant laws and regulations.

After the state of emergency was lifted, the Thai Civil Court canceled the hearing of anti-government protesters on the 22nd. These protesters asked the court to issue a temporary injunction to prohibit the government from using a severe emergency state. At the same time, Pasaravari, the leader of the student protests, was released on bail by the Batongwang Court on the 22nd. She was arrested near the Victory Monument on the evening of the 21st. Thai Deputy Prime Minister Wisanu stated that Prime Minister Prayut is authorized to revoke the state of emergency, but if an “unfortunate incident” occurs, it is still possible to re-implement the state of emergency.

According to reports, Prayut revoked the state of emergency order to quell the protests. Prayut once stated in a live TV broadcast on the evening of the 21st: “I will take action first to ease the current situation. I am currently preparing to lift the serious emergency in Bangkok. If there is no violence, I will do so immediately.” He said: “I ask the protesters to return sincerely to reduce the volume of hatred and divisive speech. Let us respect the law and parliamentary democracy, and let our views be expressed through representatives of the parliament.” Prayut said that the cabinet will hold a special meeting to discuss how to resolve The current political conflict. “Now that the protesters have expressed their voices and opinions, it is time to reconcile their views with those of other sectors of Thai society through parliamentary representatives.” Prayut also urged all parties not to repeat the same mistakes to avoid political conflicts and violence. end. However, on the 22nd, demonstrations in many places in Thailand continued.