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Tesla’s “super factory” under construction has been suspended! It’s actually because of snakes…

by YCPress

An administrative court in Frankfurt, Germany, issued a temporary injunction on December 8 to urgently suspend the construction of Tesla’s factory in Germany, an American electric vehicle company, to protect a snake population that has hibernate.

Two German environmental organizations submitted an urgent application to the Frankfurt Administrative Tribunal in Germany on December 7, asking the court to prohibit Tesla from cutting trees and flat land.

Environmentalists say cutting down more trees to build factories may endanger a local snake population that has entered hibernation.

The Frankfurt Administrative Court issued an emergency court order on the 8th, asking Tesla to stop cleaning and deforestation, but the court did not rule on it.

A spokesman for the Administrative Court said that the Brandenburg Environmental Authority and Tesla would be asked to submit relevant explanations and consult before making a ruling.

At present, the local environmental management department and Tesla have declined to comment on this matter.

Tesla announced in November last year that it planned to build a super factory in Glenhead, Brandenburg, eastern Germany, to meet the rapidly growing demand for electric vehicles in the European market. 

In January this year, Tesla’s board of directors approved the land purchase agreement to purchase 300 hectares of land. The Finance Committee of Brandenburg State Legislature has approved the deal.

However, because Tesla’s German super factory is located in a nature reserve, local residents and environmentalists believe that logging flats in the nature reserve will seriously damage the local environment and waste drinking water for residents.

Previously, the environmental protection department of Brandenburg, where the factory is located, has issued construction permits to Tesla, including logging, allowing Tesla to cut down 82.8 hectares of forest where the factory is located.