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Terrorist attack in Vienna! The gunman opened fire near the synagogue, and there is news that 7 people have been killed

Russian RT just reported that there was a shooting incident on the evening of the 2nd near the synagogue in the Old Town of Vienna, the Austrian capital. It is reported that 7 people have been killed and several others have been injured, but the police in Vienna said that the shooting has caused two deaths, including the assailant. “The shooting occurred in six different locations.” The police have arrived and sealed off the scene. It is not clear whether the attackers targeted the synagogue in the area.

Russia RT: Austrian Minister of the Interior said that the Vienna terrorist attack involved multiple attackers

Austrian Minister of the Interior Nehammer stated that several people launched terrorist attacks in Vienna, causing many casualties.

The shooter’s picture uploaded on social media

The shooter’s picture uploaded on social media

Russian Satellite Network said that the assailant who shot and wounded people in the center of Vienna committed suicide, while the remaining assailants are still at large. 

Local media said that at the same time as the shooting, several other assailants took diners in a restaurant hostage in another block.

Vienna police block the scene

The Austrian Ministry of Interior requires local residents to stay at home, away from windows. A spokesman for the Vienna police said that a large-scale police deployment is being carried out in the center of Vienna.

From the video uploaded on social media, it can be seen that with several gunshots, panicked people are looking for safe objects to escape on the street. Witnesses said that several gunshots were heard at 8 o’clock in the evening, and some people claimed that the gunman fired at least “50 shots” and saw someone brandishing an “automatic weapon” running along the street where the synagogue was “crazy shooting”. Witnesses also used cellphone video to capture a man wearing white clothes and black headgear shooting along the street.

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