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Terrorist attacks in 6 locations in Vienna! Several heavily armed attackers are at large

Terrorist attack in Vienna Austria: Half of the 16 suspects arrested

by YCPress

On the evening of November 5, local time, a spokesperson for the Vienna Public Prosecutor’s Office stated that of the 16 suspects arrested after the terrorist attack in Vienna on the 2nd, 8 were taken into custody, 1 was released, and the others have not yet made a decision. .

The Vienna Regional Criminal Court will rule on eight applications for detention from the prosecutor’s office on Friday (6th). At a press conference at noon that day, Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer stated that 15 people were arrested in connection with the terrorist attacks in Vienna, 8 people have criminal records, 4 of them were convicted for terrorist crimes, and 2 Convicted of violence, 2 people were convicted of attempted murder. He emphasized that the investigation is far from complete. There are suspects arrested in Switzerland. Good international cooperation is also very important. Another country is another clue, which has not been made public for investigation reasons.

The terrorist attack in Vienna on the 2nd resulted in the death of 5 people, including the attacker, and 23 wounded. Some people were seriously injured. The police conducted numerous raids in Vienna, Linz, Sankt Polten and other places. At the same time, the police received about 20,000 terrorist attacks-related videos. According to the video situation and related investigations, no evidence was found that the second suspect was at the scene of the crime.