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Tens of thousands of new confirmed cases in a single day.

Tens of thousands of new confirmed cases in a single day.

by YCPress

Europe and United States, has been “slaughtered” by the new crown virus to a deep red. Currently, there are more than 10 million cases of infection in Europe. Winter is approaching, and for countries whose epidemic maps show dark red, a second epidemic has really come.

European Center for Disease Control and Prevention

From the perspective of the number of confirmed cases, the second time was much higher than the first time. The following is a chart of the number of new additions in a single day from February 15 to November 1 in Europe:

France is newly diagnosed daily
New diagnoses are added daily in the UK
Daily new diagnoses in Germany
Spain is newly diagnosed daily
New diagnoses are added daily in Italy

The reason why the number of confirmed cases is so much higher than the first time is because the current detection capacity was not available at the first time, and the true number of infections at that time must have been underestimated.

Although Europe has an advanced medical system, top experts, and a relatively complete welfare system, why has it failed to control the epidemic?

Today we also want to ask a question in the same format-why has Europe, which has so many auras, been unable to control the epidemic so far?

It is also a priceless lesson to take the mistakes made by others rationally and seriously.

There are still people who do not believe in the epidemic?

Now that the number of new diagnoses in several major European countries is added every day, it is very scary to look at the numbers alone.

In just one day on November 1st, France added 46,000 in a single day, Italy added nearly 30,000, and Britain broke 20,000. Watching the TV, we should still remember the panic. No one should doubt that the epidemic is actually happening.

Therefore, we were shocked when we saw many large-scale “anti-mask and anti-blockade” demonstrations in Europe this summer. We could not understand these people.

Britain’s opposition march this summer

The slogans in this photo are “Where is the epidemic?”, “We disagree”, “Freedom instead of intimidation”, “Stop those stupid regulations”, and “The media is the virus.”

Britain’s opposition march this summer

The slogans in these two photos are: “If we lose the bar, we will lose the soul of England”, “No more cheating, no more masks, no more lockdown of the city”.

They believe that the epidemic is a political “scam” and the lockdown policy is a “tyranny” because “my body is in charge.”

The same demonstrations took place in France and Spain.

Why is this happening? The reasons are complicated, and of course include the deep-rooted distrust of the people in the government. But one factor is rarely mentioned-media reports of the epidemic. The media seldom take pictures of the real scenes in the ward—what the critically ill patients are like, how the doctors and nurses fight, the cruel reality of the “frontline” is hardly known. The people couldn’t see it, so they began to wonder: “Is there really an epidemic? I haven’t seen anyone around me diagnosed.”

World Health Organization spokesperson Margaret Harris

World Health Organization spokesperson Margaret Harris said in an exclusive interview with a headquarter reporter: “It is vital that every member of the community understands that unless we work together, we cannot defeat the virus. . We have excellent scientific knowledge, excellent creativity, we have a lot of energy and rich experience, but unless everyone plays their role, it will not work.”

World Health Organization spokesperson Margaret Harris was interviewed by a reporter

Overdraft unblocking

In Europe in the summer, people ushered in the retaliatory indulgence after understanding. Thousands of people in southern France are hosting rave parties that last a week or more. In this news on July 31, we could not see a person wearing a mask.

The number of new confirmed cases in France that day was 1,346, and 11 new deaths were added in a single day. This number is not alarming, so people relax their vigilance. But the virus has not gone far.

Throughout the summer, the virus had the opportunity to take root in the community and spread quietly and quickly. When the university reopened in September, a larger crowd gathered, and the virus was another harvest. Finally, in late September, the pandemic first appeared in many countries for the second time.

Historical similarity

Time went back to the 1918 pandemic. Location Denver, USA.

After the first intervention on October 6, 1918, Denver’s abnormal mortality rate declined, and by October 16, the curve was clearly flattened. So people optimistically ended the intervention on November 11th, after all, everyone did not want to miss the carnival parade celebrating victory in World War I. Soon, the city of Denver saw the second more fierce epidemic.

The double peak curve of Denver in 1918, the picture is from The Washington Post

More than 100 years have passed. Even if we have more powerful tools to fight the virus, we still cannot beat the virus in terms of speed.

When France was optimistic to unblock it on May 11, I never thought I would repeat the mistakes of Denver.

On the day of unblocking, 456 newly diagnosed cases were confirmed nationwide in France. The absolute number of cases is not high, but the detection capacity has not kept up. The daily detection capacity is only about 10,000 cases. To wait until July 25, French talents can get the test without a prescription.

The infection tracking software is also not doing well. Until October, the tracking software in France only covered 3% of the population, or 2 million people. The same is true for tracking software in the United Kingdom, with a very low penetration rate.

However, fighting the epidemic is speeding up with the virus. Any hesitation and delay are pits dug for the follow-up. By the end of October, when the number of confirmed diagnoses in many countries reached tens of thousands, there was no other way but to close the city twice. Only by closing the city can the speed of tracking, detection, and isolation be faster than the speed of virus spread.

Dr. Michael Ryan, the head of the World Health Organization’s health emergency project, said: “Our biggest fear is that we can’t see this enemy. There is no observing system. If you don’t know where the enemy is, you will be blind, unable to detect, and can only be blocked on a large scale. .

When the virus triggers a community infection, the country loses its control and cannot see the direction of the epidemic. It has to isolate everyone, so as to gain time and respite. “

Only closing the city to buy time

As early as July 19, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that if a second nationwide blockade was to be carried out, it would be like “nuclear deterrence,” and he would not do so.

Unexpectedly, from November 5th, the United Kingdom will really start a second blockade. As early as October 30, France and Spain had already closed their cities first.

Unable to withstand the pressure of the voters, the economic pressure, and the unblocking that has failed to keep up with the testing, tracking and quarantine is like an overdraft in advance, after all, it must be paid back with profits.

There are many advanced science and excellent talents in Europe. However, in the battle against the virus, a wooden barrel cannot leak water and cannot rely on a single wooden board to be particularly long. It must be that each board of the wooden barrel is not short and has stood its own Gang.