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Team head coach, athletes collectively infected! This final postponed for the first time in history

by YCPress

Pandemic has rebounded in many places around the world recently, and the number of new infections in a single day in Japan has exceeded 1,000 for two consecutive days.

The Japan Professional Football League announced that due to a collective infection within the football club, the League Cup final scheduled to be held today will be postponed.

Today, the Tokyo New National Stadium was supposed to usher in the final of the Japan Professional Football League Cup. The League Cup is one of the three major domestic football matches in Japan. Both teams have won the championship many times.

This game has attracted the attention of Japanese fans.

However, due to a collective infection of 13 people in one of the teams, including the head coach and athletes, the League Cup final was forced to be postponed , which is the first time in the history of the Japanese professional football league. 

According to the information on the organizer’s official website, the date of the postponement of the final has not yet been determined.

As the Tokyo New National Stadium is the main venue for the Tokyo Olympics next year, this game will also be a test of the Olympic pandemic prevention measures.

According to reports, the organizers limited the number of admissions to the League Cup finals to half, about 24,000. Cameras were set up at five entrances to check the distance between the audience, whether they were wearing masks, and whether they had complied with the pandemic prevention regulations when cheering. They also checked the air conditions in about 30 places such as auditoriums and shops.

In addition, according to Japanese media reports, most of the infected people in football clubs took public transportation before they were diagnosed, which also caused the Japanese people to worry about the pandemic.

According to the latest statistics from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan, in the week ending November 2, there were 103 collective infections across Japan, 1.6 times the previous week. Among them, cases within enterprises and government agencies accounted for nearly 30% of the total. . On the 5th, the number of new infections in a single day in Japan exceeded 1,000 again after 76 days, and today it has increased to 1,123.

What is even more worrying is that the pandemic is spreading across Japan, and the pandemic in some areas is quite severe. Taking Hokkaido as an example, 119 cases were confirmed on the 5th, setting a new high since the outbreak.

In view of the fact that the medical system’s treatment capacity is approaching the upper limit, the local government has basically decided to raise the pandemic alert level again tomorrow.

In Aichi Prefecture, located in the central region of Japan, the number of infections in the week ending on the 6th also increased to 1.5 times that of the previous week. The governor of Aichi Prefecture stated that, in fact, the third wave of local pandemic may have arrived.

Some experts pointed out that in winter, the temperature drops, the ventilation of windows decreases, and the long time indoors increases the factors that exacerbate infection.