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2 Beijing Patients Infected with Newer COVID-19 Strain

“self-isolation” study found that new coronavirus can destroy the blood-brain barrier

by YCPress

November 3rd, 2nd Global pandemic Briefing: Tan Desai announces “self-isolation” research found that the new coronavirus can destroy the blood-brain barrier

Global data

World Health Organization: As of 15:00 on the 2nd of Central European Time, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide increased by 440,577 compared with the previous day, reaching 46,403,652; the number of deaths increased by 5719 compared with the previous day, reaching 1,198569 .

Johns Hopkins University in the United States: As of 7:25 on the 3rd Beijing time, 46,849,292 confirmed cases of coronavirus worldwide, and 1,204,202 deaths. The United States is the most severely affected country in the world, with 9,277,955 confirmed cases and 231,448 deaths.


The Director-General of the World Health Organization Tan Desai said on social media on the 2nd that he was working in isolation at home due to contact with people infected with the coronavirus. He currently has no symptoms of illness. 

Tan Desai wrote on Twitter: “I have been identified as a contact of a person who tested positive for coronavirus. I am currently feeling well and have no symptoms (of any illness). I will follow the WHO recommendations in the next few days. Isolate myself and work from home.”

Researchers from the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University in the United States reported in the new issue of the academic journal “Neurobiological Diseases” that the latest research found that the new coronavirus can also cause “holes” in the blood-brain barrier, potentially damaging brain nerves The internet.

The Prime Minister’s Office of Georgia confirmed on the 2nd that the Georgian Prime Minister Gahariya’s coronavirus test result was positive. According to the news released by the Press Office of the Prime Minister’s Office on the same day, Gaharia is feeling well and will receive treatment at home. Gaharia announced on social media on the 1st that he would self-quarantine because a security guard near him tested positive for the coronavirus.

New Zealand’s current Prime Minister and Labour Party leader, Ardern, announced on the 2nd the list of new cabinets. The previous cabinet health minister Chris Shipkins was appointed as the new minister for COVID-19 response.

The Israeli Prime Minister’s Office issued a statement on the 1st that the country launched a clinical trial of a coronavirus vaccine on the same day. 

Israeli media reports, two Israeli hospitals vaccinated two volunteers with a coronavirus vaccine called “BriLife” developed by the Israeli Institute of Biology. The two hospitals will vaccinate 80 volunteers this month.