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Sweden tightens COVID-19 control measures

Sweden tightens COVID-19 control measures

by YCPress

On November 3 Swedish TV reported that Prime Minister Levin stated at a press conference that the situation in Sweden is now very serious, and more and more intensive care units are being used to care for patients with severe Coronavirus. 

There are also many signs that the death toll will increase. The little respite we got this summer has passed.

Levin said that when eating in the restaurant, no more than eight people are allowed to sit at the same table.

Prime Minister Levin. Source : Swedish National Television

The Swedish Public Health Agency held a press conference. Epidemiologist Anders Tegnier said that there have been a large number of cases reported, and there is no sign that the spread of Coronavirus infection will stop. 

The number of infected cases in Sweden is increasing every week, more than doubled in the past two weeks, with more than 130,000 cases. The number of intensive care patients is also increasing, and the number of deaths is beginning to increase.

 The situation is heading for deterioration. The current infection rate in Sweden is 272 per 100,000.

At the same time, he introduced the content of regional measures: private gatherings and gatherings of people must be restricted; try to stay with immediate family members; maintain a long social distance with other people; travel and gatherings must be appropriately restricted

and the number of gatherings is limited to 50 People, valid until November 24. In the restaurant, a table is limited to 8 people, and the distance between face to face is at least one meter. Seats such as concerts must be branded.

According to the person in charge of the National Health and Welfare Commission, the number of patients with Coronavirus is increasing. At present, a total of 75 people are receiving intensive care and 553 are being treated in general wards.

The Swedish Public Health Agency announced that a total of 10,177 new cases of Coronavirus were added on the 3rd of the 31st, 1st and 2nd. The country has a total of 134,532 Coronavirus cases. The total number of deaths was 5969, with 31 new cases.